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There are 410 entries in the guestbook.
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from South Africa
Signed on: Sat Sep 26 20:11:18 2009
I'm 11 years of age and play chess since 6years. I enjoy chess very much and been in Vietnam in 2008 represent South Africa at the WYCC. I learned a lot from your website. 
Sunй du Toit
Comment: Great to hear from you! Good luck in chess - hope you'll keep enjoying it! ;-)
Bill Lasley
from Santa Monica, California, USA
Signed on: Thu Sep 24 10:38:13 2009
When are you coming to California ?
Comment: Hi Bill! 
I amn't sure when - I have never been there, but would like to.
aloneSigned on: Mon Sep 21 23:16:05 2009
I visited your site yesterday was a very sweet site I think are a chess champion I am interested in listening to music I want I can share my site address. I looked up a delicate flower and nice of you resimlerinede clean living.
Eiman Chebaro
from Kuwait
Signed on: Sun Sep 20 10:09:32 2009
Natalia, why you are not palying against chess queen , and if u played , I love to have these games in PGN if possible. 
Comment: Hi Eiman, I and Chess Queen rarely play in the same tournaments. And even in those we usually play for Russia, "on the same side of the board" :-)
from Эстония
Signed on: Sun Sep 20 10:08:53 2009
Наташа!Добрый день!А как ты готовишься к турнирам,встречам?Сидишь анализируешь какие-то партии,которые будешь потом использовать в борьбе? И еще такой личный вопрос,как улучшить свою игру? Спасибо за внимание!!!
Comment: Здравствуйте, Дмитрий!Анализирую свои партии, выявляю ошибки.Работаю над дебютом и многое другое. 
Существует очень много всего, что поможет улучшить свою игру.Но чтобы что-то советовать, надо знать ваш уровень.В любом случае, анализируйте свои партии, смотрите, в каких компонентах у вас ошибки, и устраняйте их.
Paul Serrano
from Fairfax, Virginia USA
Signed on: Mon Sep 14 19:53:21 2009
That's it! If you publish a book detailing the unappreciated connections between sex and chess, I will buy it as soon as it is on sale. 
(Even if it's in a language I don't understand.)
Comment: It's going to be available in English, don't worry! ;-)
from England
Signed on: Sun Sep 13 20:27:09 2009
Nice site but it is slightly undermined with the Sex during games Question. Plus I can't see why a Beauty contest should be mentioned. Who cares, I never watched the contests anyway. Beauty goes over my head. It's not what I look for.
Comment: Tastes differ.
markazSigned on: Sun Sep 13 20:27:43 2009
Хорошая гостевая у вас ребят :)
Comment: Спасибо!
Mark Beckner
from Louisville, Ky. USA
Signed on: Sun Sep 13 20:26:10 2009
You upcoming book sounds very thought provoking, and covers two very important parts of my life.;) Could you add me to your mailing list please. I hope there will be an english version. 
Take Care, 
Mark (aka BBD @

Comment: We don't have a mailing list, Mark, but thanks for your interest! We'll keetp you in mind when the book is published :-)
alexSigned on: Fri Sep 11 13:38:50 2009
Laslo Khorvat
from Vengrija, Budapesht
Signed on: Sun Sep 6 16:55:04 2009
Privet! Ja Laslo iz Budapeshta. Ja tozhe igraju v shakhmaty. Ja byl by rad i gordyj poznakomit'sja. K sozhaleniju, zdes' ja mogu pisat' tol'ko latinskimi bukvami. 
Vsego dobrogo: 
Comment: Pryatno poznakomit'sya, Laslo! I Vam vsego samogo solnechnogo i horoshego! 
Natalia`s fanSigned on: Sun Sep 6 16:55:43 2009
Natalia, why you are not palying in Women's World Team Chess Championship? You would be a great help for the Russian Team.
Comment: Thanks, I can't play there due to family affairs.
Jeremy Waterman
from Portland, Oregon USA
Signed on: Thu Aug 27 09:36:28 2009
It is quite touching to have a top-ranked chess player be so friendly, open, warm, and engaging. I agree you are quite beautiful, and I am sure that you will succeed in whatever you desire. I look forward to reading your sex/chess book. What a fantastic idea!
Comment: Thanks for your kind and inspirational words, Jeremy!
Иван Брюханов
from Херсонская обл.
Signed on: Wed Aug 26 18:01:57 2009
Дорогая Наталья ! 
Можна ли спросить.Были-ли 
опубликованны шахматные задачи Посвящённые Вам ?
Comment: Уважаемый Иван, 
Спасибо за партию (мы её обязательно опубликуем)! Задач мне не посвящали, молодые люди нынче без фантазии: цветы, стихи, мягкие игрушки... А интересно было бы хорошую композицию имени себя решить :-)
Grant Koyanagi
from Torrance, California
Signed on: Sat Aug 22 15:39:52 2009
Any advice for an intermediate player playing white on the Ruy Lopez or black playing the Sicilian Dragon? I always get stuck after the 7th or 8th moves. Any advice on strategy in these situations would be greatly appreciated. 
Thank you. 
Comment: These openings are so complicated that it's impossible to give an advice one paragraph long. You can just find books on these openings, study some remarkable games & opening variations using chess databases (e.g. Chessbase). Pay more attention to the ideas and schemes, not the exact moves.