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Sergey Galitsky - Russian Self-Made Billionaire on Business & Chess

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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Sergey Galitsky, founder of a large retail chain "Magnit". Considered to be the #1 self-made businessman in Russia.
Net worth in 2010 -  $2.9 billion (#342 in the world, #28 in Russia according to Forbes)

Oleg Tinkov:

Tell me, what about your schoolmates and kids from your yard. Why have you become an enterpreneur, while most of them didn't. Why and where do you think this change has happened?

Sergey Galitsky:

A few things. I have been thinking about it a little from time to time. I didn't have any special talents. I don't know - hanging out in the street, playing soccer. I was born in near Sochi, all we did was play soccer and snooker. How did I study - well, I guess without 3s (C -, but I wouldn't call myself a great student. I think that in business, especially in the one I am in, logic is extremely important. If you develop this quality - logical thinking - this by itself will become a serious foundation for your future activities. Other qualities are also required - you must adore what you are doing, stay extremely focused. To motivate yourself every day...when you can't eat two breakfasts, but have earned need to find a way to motivate yourself. However, I believe that logic is the core. Why am I talking about it? In grades 7-8 (about 14-15 years old -, when I have done with my soccer career,  I have started studying - occasionally - chess. By the way, I have been doing rather well. In two years I have become a candidate master, champion of Sochi and so on - and I have realized that I started thinking differently. I suddenly felt that the school courses are of no use. Logic is a must-have not only for businessmen, but it was a very important foundation for my future. Modern education - I have a lot of concerns about it. It is basically based on pure cramming up, which is a stupid thing to do in the XXI century. We are studying great amounts of information that can be found within two minutes on the Internet. Is this rational? Of course, basic knowledge in all areas is required. But courses that help people in the real life should also be introduced. I think that logic is something needed by everyone. Chess, by the way, is a very good game model of logic. It seems to me that logic became a stepping stone for all my future activities. 

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1. Written by on 23:18 20 2011 .
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2. Written by me on 03:48 21 2011 .
Sergei's point makes sense. Children should better undrestand the relations between what they do and what they will have.
3. Written by on 04:19 21 2011 .
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4. Written by mike on 19:53 22 2011 .
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