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Natalia Pogonina: "Unique trainings in sexchess..."

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Written by Natalia Pogonina   
Sunday, 24 May 2009
A smile before the game is worth 100 performance points

Recently I gave a pretty exciting and informative interview for, hope you'll like it:

Hello Natalia, We are glad to have you on LatestChess. You are having great start for the year with Bronze medal at the European Women Chess Championship and Championship title at Moscow Open. How do you re-focus your goals as a chess player and in which direction do you see yourself going?

After winning Moscow Open-2009

Thank you, its a pleasure for me to be interviewed for LatestChess.

The start of the year has indeed been successful for me, but I am not overexcited about it. I have always been pursuing the highest goals, so my successful performance at Moscow and the European Women Chess Championship have only strengthened my determination to progress. I am looking forward to the Women World Chess Championship next year and would do my best to prepare well for it.

How do you balance the competing demands of your multiple professions as a GM, model, practicing Law? Have you ever considered giving up one to concentrate on the other?

From one of photosessions

Chess is my primary occupation, so I dedicate most of my time to it. Other activities that you have mentioned dont require that much energy, so I manage to spare some time for them too. One shouldnt confine himself to his job, people should develop harmoniously.

Chess has been effectively used as a powerful educational tool; Russians were the first to introduce chess as a subject in the Schools. How is your experience having chess as a subject in the school?

Chess is an optional subject in Russia, and is on schedule in only in some schools, not all. When I went to school we didnt have any chess lessons. Only during the last two years some steps have been taken in the direction of introducing chess in schools. I strongly appreciate this since chess is extremely effective in terms of developing a persons thinking abilities.

Did your chess studies affect your schooling when you were growing up? When did you decide to become a professional chess player?

Omg, what am I doing?!

I dont think that studying chess has greatly affected my results in other subjects. At that time I didnt spend that much time playing chess, and was just a regular kid. Some subjects were less challenging, some were more. When I was about 12 years old I have firmly decided that I am going to be a professional chess player.

Very few top chess players have their website, what inspired you to launch the website?

Gold at the First International Mind Sports Games

I want to make chess more popular. is a good source of information on chess, especially womens chess, and a chance to communicate with a grandmaster. I hope the website will attract peoples attention to chess.

Could you please tell our readers about your new project "Chess Kamasutra", a very unique subject for a chess book.

Who said that chess isn't sexy?

As all LatestChess readers probably know, both chess and Kamasutra originate from India. In Chess Kamasutra I and my co-author Peter Zhdanov will show that it is possible to apply sex principles to chess, and vice versa. We will be reviewing the most interesting openings and middlegame positions and relating them to positions from Kamasutra; surprise our readers by introducing the love theory which is extremely effective for developing your chess skills and becoming happy in personal life; share unique trainings in sexchess, approbated by ourselves.

Chess Kamasutra is going to be a very entertaining and useful book covering many interesting subjects we arent revealing most of the secrets yet, but one day youll be able to see it for yourself.

At the Chess Olympiad in Dresden with Guess Who
Natalia and Peter - authors of "Chess Kamasutra"

Apart from chess, you have snagged attention with your good looks. Do you think glamour can help in popularizing chess world wide?

Natalia Pogonina as seen by Anibal Lopez

Chess are just dying for effective promotion. There are many good-looking women chess players, so the slogan Beauty and intellect may be of great help in terms of making chess more popular. Its a matter of smart marketing interest towards chess will be growing for sure.

How often do you exercise? Do you think daily physical exercise can help a chess player to cope with pressure and increase brain's ability to concentrate?

At the Chess Olympiad in Dresden with Guess Who

I dont study that much between tournaments except for occasional training sessions. A chess player should be physically fit, otherwise its hard to aim at the highest results. Physical exercises can help increase the players stamina and allow him to stay concentrated during the games.

What are your thoughts about the future of women in chess? How do you feel we could attract more girls to the game?

Natalia loves toys and toying with her opponents

I believe that women chess have a great future. It is more competitive, unpredictable and exciting. However, women should do their best to match the best male players. I believe that is possible.

Women chess may be attractive since its easier to attain decent results there than in mens chess. This is connected with the fact that chess is more popular among men than among women. Another idea why not try to catch up and beat the male players? Its a great motivator for me since I believe that top women chess players should play on equal even with super grandmasters. So far only Judith Polgar managed to do it, but in the future we might see a female absolute world chess champion.

Who do you consider the best up coming young female players in the world, aside from yourself? Do you think, any of the current young crop can match with Judith Polgar?

There are more promising chess players. First of all, I should mention Koneru Humpy, the only women chess player (except for Judith Polgar) who broke the 2600 barrier, and Hou Yifan. But there are also other gifted players who are able to reach Judith Polgars level. The key thing is to believe in oneself.

Thanks Natalia. It's been good talking to you. Could you share your blog url or email address with our readers?

Thank you, with pleasure: and This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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