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Women's Live Chess Ratings

User Rating: / 266
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 02 July 2010
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Women's Live Chess Ratings
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FIDE publishes the rating lists once a month, but people are always curious what the live ratings of top chess players are. A list of world's 2700+ grandmasters exists already. We would like to offer you regularly updated women's top chess rankings. A special banner will be added to the left panel of so that you can always see how things are going for the women's elite.

Rank Player April 2015 rating Live rating, April 7
FIDE rating +/- Points Event
Hou Yifan
2686  2686      
Polgar Judit
Koneru Humpy
2581  2594.8  +13.8    Women's World Chess Championship
Dzagnidze Nana
Muzychuk Anna
2552 2552.4 +0.4   Women's World Chess Championship
Ju Wenjun
2557  2550.8  -6.2    Women's World Chess Championship
Gunina Valentina
2532 2536.4 +4.4    Women's World Chess Championship
Cmilyte Victorija
2534  2533.8  -0.2    Women's World Chess Championship
Kosteniuk Alexandra
2529 2533.2 +4.2   Women's World Chess Championship
Lagno Kateryna
Zhao Xue
2527  2526.4   -1.6    Women's World Chess Championship
Muzychuk Mariya
2526  2524  -2    Women's World Chess Championship
Stefanova Antoaneta
2522  2512  -10   Women's World Chess Championship
Khotenashvili Bela
2513  2506.4  -6.6     Women's World Chess Championship
Cramling Pia
2492  2505.4  +13.4    Women's World Chess Championship
Harika Dronavalli
2492  2501  +9     Women's World Chess Championship
Ruan Lufei
Kosintseva Nadezhda
18   2486  2491.9 +5.9 5.5/10 Gibraltar Masters
Anna Ushenina
2486 2487.2 +1.2   Women's World Chess Championship
Marie Sebag
2482 2483.2 +1.2   Women's World Chess Championship
Tan Zhongyi
2487 2482.6 -4.4   Women's World Chess Championship
Lela Javakhishvili
2481 2480 -1   Women's World Chess Championship
Danielian Elina
2488  2478.6  -9.4    Women's World Chess Championship
Alisa Galliamova
2484  2478  -6    Women's World Chess Championship
Anna Zatonskih
Elisabeth Paehtz
2479 2476.2 -2.8   Women's World Chess Championship
Irina Krush
2477 2475.2 -1.8   Women's World Chess Championship, US Chess Championship
Kosintseva Tatiana
2483  2474.6  -8.4    Women's World Chess Championship
Nino Batsiashvili
Huang Qian
2473 2471.6 -1.4   Women's World Chess Championship
Tournaments in addition to the April list:
Women's World Chess Championship
US Chess Championship

Highest FIDE female ratings of all time

You can copy the code published below to your website to follow the womens live chess ratings. The table is updated automatically.

Update: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it if you need a widget with a different design/size. We will be happy to help you out!

Top-30 List at

Comments (11)
1. Written by on 11:23 02 2010 .
2. Written by This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it on 02:22 03 2010 .
I've seen other sites do live rating banners. Is there a direct source for such banners that can be used by anyone? I'd like to add the top ten men and women lists to chessvine.
3. Written by Peter on 06:07 03 2010 .
As far as I know there is just one live rating for men (all the other websites simply link to it by placing a generic banner, don't think anyone will object). Now there is also a live rating for women by our website. If you decide to link to it, I won't object either :)
4. Written by This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it on 22:08 09 2010 .
I figured as much, Peter. As you know I freely tag Natalia's site as well as several others ... haven't had any objections so far ... the webdev chess community is awesome. ;)
5. Written by Saadi on 04:49 11 2010 .
Zhu Chen. ?
6. Written by on 10:19 10 2010 .
, "Live" 
, .
7. Written by Saadi on 14:08 20 2010 .
Hou Yifan . ?
8. Written by Saadi on 08:10 25 2010 .
Zhu Chen, QAT, ...
9. Written by Apelsin on 15:14 30 2011 .
:cry You should be in the sun more 8) its god for your skin. :grin Your man would love you more. :p And I would like you more as a chess babe! :roll You should have played on against Eric :upset Every chessgame should feel like :eek and all you have to do is to say this :( to the man (or pussy) that offers draw. :) Do you get it :?
10. Written by Banana on 21:38 31 2011 .
Search "Bobby Fischer travelling from Japan to Iceland" on youtube :sigh  
Bobby Fischer:  
"Chess has been a lousy game for about 200 years, why do you want to get into something that is mainly prearrangement?" :grin  
Banana :(
"Use chess to promote Fischer Random, burn your opening books, forget about ratings, enjoy chess and get a baby" :( or "bang your head against the wall forever" :grin :cry

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