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World's best chess players born in 1963-1954

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Thursday, 17 June 2010
Aged 46-56, most of the top chess players mentioned in this report are either retired or past their peak. However, some of them are still active and showing good results while sharing their experience and chess understanding with younger opponents:

Garry Kasparov, 2812, Russia

 Kasparov, Garry g  FST RUS 2812

Krasenkow, Michal g  POL 2628

Rozentalis, Eduardas g  LTU 2618

Hodgson, Julian M g  ENG 2609

Milos, Gilberto g  BRA 2606

Sokolov, Andrei g  FRA 2585

Hjartarson, Johann g  ISL 2582

Gleizerov, Evgeny g  RUS 2578

Morovic Fernandez, Ivan g  CHI 2552

Kuzmin, Alexey g  FST RUS 2539


Alexander Huzman, 2597, Israel

 Huzman, Alexander g  ISR 2597

Ehlvest, Jaan g  USA 2591

Crisan, Alexandru g  ROU 2588

Graf, Alexander g  GER 2587

Yakovich, Yuri g  RUS 2576

Antonio, Rogelio Jr g  PHI 2572

Novikov, Igor A g  USA 2560

Sulava, Nenad g  CRO 2549

Ionov, Sergey g  RUS 2542

Kveinys, Aloyzas g  LTU 2541


Evgeny Pigusov, 2564, Russia

Pigusov, Evgeny g  RUS 2564

Strikovic, Aleksa g  SRB 2557

Bischoff, Klaus g  GER 2553

Paunovic, Dragan g  SRB 2553

Ivanov, Sergey g  RUS 2542

 Damljanovic, Branko g  SRB 2539

Rotstein, Arkadij g  GER 2538

Cvitan, Ognjen g  CRO 2534

Kovalev, Andrei g  BLR 2518

Vera Gonzalez-Quevedo, Reynaldo g  FST CUB 2515

Seirawan0301 137.jpg
Yasser Seirawan, 2644, USA

Seirawan, Yasser g  FST USA 2644

Azmaiparashvili, Zurab g  FST GEO 2637

Chernin, Alexander g  FST HUN 2611

Nikolic, Predrag g  BIH 2606

 Ye, Jiangchuan g  FST CHN 2602

Jussupow, Artur g  FST GER 2579

Moskalenko, Viktor g  UKR 2548

Rogers, Ian g  FST AUS 2545

Petursson, Margeir g  ISL 2540

Rivas Pastor, Manuel g  ESP 2536

Gurewitsch michail 20081120 olympiade dresden.jpg
Mikhail Gurevich, 2614, Turkey

 Gurevich, Mikhail g  FST FA TUR 2614

Kaidanov, Gregory S g  FST USA 2577

Kudrin, Sergey g  USA2571

Nogueiras Santiago, Jesus g  FST CUB 2570

Dolmatov, Sergey g  FST RUS 2560

Nikolenko, Oleg g  RUS 2545

Kengis, Edvins g  LAT 2545

Kindermann, Stefan g  AUT 2530

Kharitonov, Andrei V. g  RUS 2524

Yudasin, Leonid g  ISR 2519

Lputian Smbat.jpg
Smbat Lputian, 2574, Armenia

 Lputian, Smbat G g  ARM 2574

Dvoirys, Semen I. g  RUS 2563

Dizdar, Goran g  FT CRO 2557

Smagin, Sergey g  RUS 2551

Hebden, Mark L g  ENG 2539

Psakhis, Lev g  FST ISR 2538

Yermolinsky, Alex g  USA 2528

Boensch, Uwe g  FST GER 2520

Magerramov, Elmar g  AZE 2515

Zapata, Alonso g  FST COL 2513


Evgeny Vladimirov, 2623, Kazakhstan

 Vladimirov, Yevgeniy g  FST KAZ 2623

Malaniuk, Vladimir P g  UKR 2574

De Firmian, Nick E g  USA 2549

Ftacnik, Lubomir g  SVK 2543

 Kozhakin, Vladimir f  RUS 2533

Gavrikov, Viktor g  LTU 2514

Cifuentes Parada, Roberto g  ESP 2507

Dozorets, Anatoly f  USA 2495

Campora, Daniel H. g  ARG 2488

Barlov, Dragan g  SRB 2488

Christiansen0201 075.jpg
Larry Christiansen, 2578, USA

Christiansen, Larry M g  USA 2578

Eingorn, Vereslav S g  FST UKR 2562

Ivanov, Alexander g  USA 2538

Van Der Sterren, Paul g  NED 2535

Speelman, Jon S g  ENG 2530

Olafsson, Helgi g  FST ISL 2527

Franco Ocampos, Zenon g  PAR 2517

Machulsky, Anatoly D g  RUS 2505

Ekstroem, Roland m  SUI 2496

Gurevich, Dmitry g  USA 2488

John Nunn
John Nunn, 2602, England

Nunn, John D M g  ENG 2602

Marjanovic, Slavoljub g  FST SRB 2505

Martinez, Carlos Alejandro m  BRA 2490

Loginov, Valery A g  RUS 2486

Meister, Jakob g  GER 2470

 Kosoturov, Alexander m  RUS 2469

Shvyrjov, Igor g  EST 2469

Gundjak, Vasily m  RUS 2460

Chekhov, Valery A g  RUS 2457

Karlsson, Lars g  SWE 2453


Kevin Spragett, 2575, Canada

Spraggett, Kevin g  CAN 2575

Mihalcisin, Adrian g  SLO 2528

Arkhipov, Sergey g  RUS 2507

Prudnikov, Yury N. m  RUS 2466

Kalegin, Evgenij m  RUS 2458

Podzielny, Karl-Heinz m  GER 2453

 Zilberman, Yaacov g  ISR 2437

Ochoa De Echaguen, Fco. Javier m  ESP 2436

Fernandez Garcia, Jose Luis g  ESP 2430

 Astrahantsev, Anatoly   RUS 2429

Compiled by using official FIDE ratings

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