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Top GM Secrets Issue #172

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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

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Issue #172 of the weekly chess newsletter "Top GM Secrets" has been released.
It is delivered by e-mail on weekends in both pdf and pgn formats.

Table of Contents

Editorial Preface. French Top-12. Grand Chess Tour announcement. By GM Arkadij Naiditsch, best FIDE rating - 2737 and GM Csaba Balogh, best FIDE rating - 2672.
Two Best Games of the Week. GM Wesley So (2778) - GM Sergey Fedorchuk (2657), French Top-12, 0-1 annotated by GM Arkadij Naiditsch. GM Alexandr Fier (2632) - GM Sebastien Feller (2626), French Top-12, 1-0 annotated by GM Csaba Balogh.
The K-Files. The "strange bishop retreat" 7.Bc4!? in 3.Bb5 Sicilian by GM Alexander Khalifman, ex-FIDE World Chess Champion.
David vs. Goliath David vs. Goliath. 27 upsets of the week by Peter Zhdanov, Chief Editor of
Young & Talented.  GM Dmitry Jakovenko (2738) - GM Etienne Bacrot (2704), 0-1 annotated by GM Etienne Bacrot, best FIDE rating - 2749.
10 Tactical Puzzles from Recent Games. By the Chess Evolution Team.
Endgame Section. GM Evgeny Postny (2630) - GM Iossif Dorfman (2574), 1-0 annotated by GM Arkadij Naiditsch. GM Manuel Apicella (2510) - IM Jean-Rene Koch (2452), French Top 12, 1-0 annotated by GM Csaba Balogh.
Chess and the City. "Injustice to one is a threat to all". WGM Elisabeth Paehtz, best FIDE rating - 2493, on ACP's activity and European Women's Rapid Chess Championship.
Clash of the Titans. Akiba Rubinstein - Saveliy Tartakover, 1922, 1-0 annotated by GM Kamil Miton, best FIDE rating - 2655.
Surprise Section/Study. By the Chess Evolution Team.
Solutions to the puzzles from Top GM Secrets #171.

You can find more information about the "Top GM Secrets" newsletter and the subscription options at

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Por favor enviarme, gracias. :)

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