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Nezhmetdinov Memorial-2014

User Rating: / 8
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Rashid Nezhmetdinov
was a legendary attacking Soviet chess player. He also used to hold a master title in checkers.

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Venue: Kazan, Russia
Dates: May 30 - June 8
Format: 9-round swiss open
Time control: 90 m for 40 moves, 30 m for the rest of the game, 30s/move starting from move 1
Official site (in Russian)

So far 24 GMs and 2 WGMs have registered for the Nezhmetdinov Memorial - a stage of the Russian Men's Chess Cup.

Here is a preliminary list of participants rated 2400+:

Player ID Born Fed. Title FIDE rating
Popov, Ivan 4170350 1990 RUS GM 2650
Kokarev, Dmitry 4132181 1982 RUS GM 2628
Andriasian, Zaven 13302000 1989 ARM GM 2611
Timofeev, Artyom 4140419 1985 RUS GM 2603
Bocharov, Dmitry 4138716 1982 RUS GM 2598
Ponkratov, Pavel 4157800 1988 RUS GM 2595
Danin, Alexandre 4144031 1986 RUS GM 2594
Volkov, Sergey 4122763 1974 RUS GM 2584
Fedorov, Alexei 13500465 1972 BLR GM 2574
Frolyanov, Dmitry 4151976 1986 RUS GM 2572
Shariyazdanov, Andrey 4122747 1976 RUS GM 2568
Savchenko, Boris 4147332 1986 RUS GM 2559
Dvoirys, Semen I. 4100379 1958 RUS GM 2557
Ibragimov, Ildar 4102878 1967 USA GM 2557
Mozharov, Mikhail 4189825 1990 RUS GM 2552
Shaposhnikov, Evgeny 4122232 1981 RUS GM 2550
Lintchevski, Daniil 4171055 1990 RUS GM 2546
Yudin, Sergei 4159659 1986 RUS GM 2546
Rychagov, Andrey 4119932 1979 RUS GM 2535
Rozum, Ivan 24104272 1991 RUS IM 2535
Prizant, Jaroslav 4140664 1983 RUS IM 2516
Demidov, Mikhail 4197143 1992 RUS IM 2512
Pogonina, Natalija 4147855 1985 RUS WGM 2501
Gavrilov, Alexei 4104358 1960 RUS GM 2491
Matinian, Nikita 24129100 1992 RUS IM 2478
Kharlov, Andrei 4102185 1968 RUS GM 2477
Galliamova, Alisa 4129725 1972 RUS IM 2466
Kuderinov, Kirill 13701568 1987 KAZ IM 2442
Tunik, Gennady 4101219 1953 RUS GM 2430
Ulko, Jaroslav 4116658 1973 RUS IM 2422
Isajevsky, Anton 4142500 1985 RUS FM 2416
Yagupov, Igor 4113632 1965 RUS GM 2414
Pasiev, Rakhim 24122475 1994 RUS IM 2410
Smirnov, Alexey 4168437 1983 RUS   2407
Yandemirov, Valeri 4102622 1963 RUS GM 2403
Vastrukhin, Oleg 4192770 1991 RUS   2401

Both Natalia Pogonina and Peter Zhdanov will be playing in the tournament, so please don't be surprised if there will be somewhat fewer updates on the site during that period. Chess is a demanding game!

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Comments (3)
1. Written by Ken F on 23:07 13 2014 .
First of all, Natalia Pogonina is named "Natalija" in the GM list above for the Nezhmetdinov Memorial 2014. Is that name the proper name for Ms. Pogonina? And seriously, what happens if she wins the Memorial tournament...Does she become the Offical Men's Winner?
2. Written by Ken F on 23:09 06 2014 .
So far, Natalia/Nataliya/Natalya Pogonina has played only 3 games and Alisa Galliamova has played only 2 games in the tournament. What is up with that? 
And why is Ms. Pogonina's first name spelled in 3 different ways based on her website, and her name as #23 in ranking, and her name in the round pairing on the Memorial Tournament website?
3. Written by Peter on 16:13 07 2014 .
1. Natalia prefers to spell her name as Natalia, although it's not a big deal. 
2. You can check out the standings at the official site. Obviously, everyone has played 8 games by this point:

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Last Updated ( Wednesday, 28 May 2014 )
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