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Saturday's Chess Tactics Training

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Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 26 April 2014
By GM Kevin Spraggett, Canada.
Best FIDE rating: 2633
Kevin's blog (parental advisory)

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Huynh, Arthur

GM  Vajda, Levente

Sydney Open, Austrália, just the other day.  Position after 18 moves.  Black had just played 18Bd7, connecting his Rooks and almost completing his mobilization.  Unfortunately, his sense of danger was not yet connected .


WGM  Hoang, Thi Bao Tram

WGM Sukandar, Irine Kharisma

Asian Continental (w)  in the UAE just the other day.  Position after Blacks 16th move (16Qc6) threatening mate in one move.  Unfortunately for Black, White has designs of his own.


WIM  Yuvarajan, Prathiba

Mujumdar, Sameer

From the recently concluded 8th Philadelphia Open   (2014.4.19).  Position before Blacks 28th move.  Black has a crushing attack on the Kingside while White can do nothing to resist.  In the game continuation Black played the reasonable  28e3!?  and after  29.Qe2 (29.Qf3! is lost in anycase, but lasts longer) 29 Bxg3! 30.hxg3 Qxg3+ 31.Kh1 Rf2 0-1

HOWEVER, for the sake of accuracy and as a challenge for my readers, there is BETTER for Black in the above position!  It is your task to find it!


Ostrovskiy, Aleksandr

Li, Ethan

From the Philly Open.  Position before Blacks 28th move.  White stands better, Black having little coordination and even a pawn less!  Black must do something quick, for otherwise White will simply advance his Kingside pawns and win the game.

Note that the immediate 28b3?! 29.a3 stops Blacks Queenside play cold.  A better practical try would be 28c3!?, but after 29.BxN! NxB (29b3? 30.Bxd5+! wins) 30.Qc2 followed by Qb3 Black still has problems to solve.

Therefore, Black decided to play psychologically and try to shock White, playing a tricky but inferior move (inferior to 28c3, that is):


Threatening the immediate Nb3+ winning the Queen.

Psychology is important in chess because , as humans,  our logical thinking processes can  sometimes be derailed by emotions and fears, resulting in our playing (or our opponent for that matter) a confused and lower level of chess.  Most mistakes, for example, can be explained by psychology.  HERE White should have played 29.Kb1! (getting his King out of harms way) and after 29Nd3  30.RxN! PxR 31.Bxf6! and 32.g5 with excellent winning chances.

INSTEAD, White simply walked into Blacks trap:

29.dc?  b3!  30.Qb1 forced 30c3!



It is not clear what White had  overlooked, but he is dead lost.  Black threatens mate starting with 31Pxb2+, and if 31.Bxf6  c2!! wins the house, and I love the picturesque 31.Bc1  c2! mating the White Queen!

Turn-around is fair play!


Sydney Open 2014  2014.4.23   Vajda, LeventeHuynh, Arthur:  19.Nh2! 1-0  Retreating moves are always the hardest to see, for some reason.  Whites 19th move escaped Blacks attention.  He would now lose the Queen after 19Qh5 20.Be2; and if instead 19Qf5 then 20.g4 does the same thing. So resigning is fully understandable

Asian Continental ,Sharjah UAE, 2014.4.23 Sukandar, Irine KharismaHoang, Thi Bao Tram:17.Nxf6+ Bxf6 18.Be4!  The first key to understanding the position.  18 Qc5 19.Bxh7+! The final point. 19 Kxh7?!  Better 19Kh8, but White is still winning after 20.Bxf6  The game concluded with a mating attack:  20.Qh5+ Kg8 21.Rh4 1-0

8th Philadelphia Open   2014.4.19;  Mujumdar, SameerYuvarajan, Prathiba:    The best is 28Be3!!  with the theme of Rf1+.  After  29.Qxe3 Rf1+ is forced mate in 6, while  29.Rxe3 Rxf2 30.Kxf2 Rf8+ 31.Ke2 Bg4+ and mate is inevitable

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