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Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 02 November 2013
by WGM Irina Bulmaga, Romania, FIDE 2399

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      As it was the birthday of my favourite chess player of all the times- Alexander Alekhine - yesterday, I had started to think about fates of different known chess players.

     It is known that Alexander Alekhine, besides the universally known fact of being the 4th World Chess Champion and an outstanding chess player, had struggled with the addiction to alcohol along his career, having battles against it in the most crucial moments of his life.

     I was thinking- is it something about chess that changes us?

     It seems to me that the best chess players are... different. Maybe it is about the disappointment they deal with, because no one can play without losses; or maybe it's about the difficulties that they face while leaving a life on standby while going to tournaments and training sessions... The fact is that something changes in every professional chess player sooner or later- I mean... Well, it's normal to face changes during a lifetime- but I talk about the things that chess changes in us- we tend to become selfish and to try to have it all only for ourselves, we tend to put our interests ahead of everyone else's-because a chess player does not make any compromises during a game.

     We are also not that good at finding solutions to deal with losses- some drink, some smoke, others swear, forget about themselves while partying, or some come to not caring; the best of us- they find better ways, like practicing some kind of sport, reading, having long walks, watching movies, listening to music...

     I believe that making chess the centre of Universe in one's life is really dangerous- there should be patient, loving and supporting people around you in order not to lose the humanity...

Based on the publications in Irina's blog

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Comments (6)
1. Written by This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it on 10:45 02 2013 .
Chess Characters
Not only with Chess but also as with other sports and disciplines I believe too much of one thing can be life changing and even damaging to one's mental health. 
When one becomes obsessive it about something whether it's chess, running, or anything really and that one thing is all they think about, all they do, all they dream to no end then that is not a healthy thing. 
Also sometimes as I have done myself we may end one obsession and replace it with another. We are then repeating the same pattern over and over. 
I think we must learn to balance our obsessions with the rest of life and make sure we take time out to enjoy other things as well. One might say that this isn't good for there obsession when in fact it actually helps to take time out and let our mind and body recover. 
The recovery time is just as important as the time we actually spend doing the task. 
When I was younger I did become obsessed with Chess, it was all I thought about and all I did. It was all about getting better and better and trying to be number one. 
I do think Chess players are different but only in the way that they have to 100% use their mind whereas other may be using their body or body and mind.  
In the end it is up to ourselves to look within and find out what we are really missing and try to replace it with what we really need. 
Thanks for the post! 
2. Written by 0_x on 12:39 02 2013 .
Chess Characters
King Marcus, watching a sleeping boy,Lucius, with eyes of jealousy whispered: 
"He sleeps so well because he is loved" 
Parapsychologists might say when we do good things and we are loved by others, we are actually getting bioelectrical energies or fluids that white light(visible spectrum) cannot reveal. That can heal us and put us in a state of happiness & joy. 
Sounds religious. nope. it isnt. Only that religion & philosophy may support that. 
But! Thats just bull**** theory coming out from someone's imagination according to Science and psychology because there's no proof. 
Can U imagine a world where everyone has evolved to a level where we all work together like ants,love one another and live in harmony? 
how powerful would that kind of 'Humanity' be... ^_^ 
3. Written by This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it on 13:02 02 2013 .
. ( !!!
4. Written by 0_x on 16:40 02 2013 .
. (
...sooo maybe. . 
its kind of 'polite' to say "Thank you!" when some1 tell us, "I
5. Written by Luigi on 20:58 02 2013 .
. (
Interesting blog
6. Written by This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it on 08:36 04 2013 .
So who are your patient, loving, and supporting people? Maybe we can support each other?

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