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Sunday Puzzle-53

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Written by Administrator   
Monday, 23 September 2013
Puzzle courtesy of Barry R. Clarke, columnist for The Daily Telegraph and international puzzle expert
Check out his new book "Mathematical Puzzles and Curiosities" on Amazon

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The Colored Ties
There are six colored ties : one red, two yellow and three green. Three friends each have earplugs put in and a blindfold attached, then each has a tie put on, selected at random. They are then set facing each other and the blindfolds removed so that each can only see the other two ties. Alan says my tie is one of two colors. Bert says my tie is one of three colors. Callum says my tie is one of three colors.

What are the colors of their ties?

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Sunday Puzzle

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Comments (2)
1. Written by O_x on 11:21 23 2013 .
These are the only possible colors they could've seen: 
A => R&Y or R&G or Y&Y 
B => Y&G or G&G 
C => Y&G or G&G 
Since B and C didnt see Red, we have our 1st CLUE: 
1.) A's tie isnt Red. 
From there we can deduce... 
If A isnt Red and B and C didnt see Red, then 
2nd CLUE: 
2.) None of them wears Red 
So, we can forget the colors containing Red. (written above ^ there) :p 
A => YY 
3rd CLUE: 
3) Both B and C should be Yellow. 
And statement B&C says one of them is Green. 
That could only be A's Tie. 
Alan = GREEN 
Bert = YELLOW 
Callum = YELLOW 
Tadaaa! :p 
2. Written by b on 22:20 27 2015 .
:grin :? :zzz :roll :) ;) 8) :p

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