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David vs. Goliath: Upsets of the Week

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Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 06 March 2013

By candidate master Peter Zhdanov, editor of

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In this special weekly column we will be looking at the most unexpected upsets that happened last week. Players usually face opponents of a comparable level. Considerably less frequent are situations when a significantly lower-rated player succeeds in beating a much stronger adversary.

If you have ever won a game against someone rated 300 points or above of yourself, please send it to us for publication. Any additional information (a photo, annotations, etc.) will be appreciated.

Top-10 upsets:

Darini (2514) - Babayan (2062), 0-1, 452 points
Altini (2349) - Difronzo (1919), 0-1, 430 points
Jarmula (2164) - Kovacevic (2563), 1-0, 399 points
Toma (1331) - Toma (1722), 1-0, 391 points
Jovanic, (2547) - Jarmula (2164), 0-1, 383 points
Gupta (2612) - Deshmukh (2231), 0-1, 381 points
Leharanger (1911) - Collas (2286), 1-0, 375 points
Westerinen (2339) - Peyre (1965), 0-1, 374 points
Leks (2083) - Alloui-Cros (1719), 0-1, 364 points
Carlier (2117) - Caloone (1756), 0-1, 361 points

Average gap: 391; White won 3 games, Black won 7 games

Replay the games

Dr. Boyko Tsyntsarski

Born 4 April 1974

Graduated from the National Natural-Mathematical High School (1991), Sofia

MSc in chemistry (1996), Sofia University

PhD in chemistry (2006), Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Acquainted with chess (1982)

Acquainted with Kasparov-Karpov match (1988)

Started to play with computers (1991)

Started to collect chess books (1992)

Started to play in chess tournaments (1996)

Featured game (click to view)

Best results

Draw with V. Topalov in a simultaneous exhibition game (January 2001)

17th at XIV Baharov Memorial*, Sofia, Bulgaria (2006)     +3=2-1

2nd at 72 MGU (2013) Open +5=0-1

Other results

Bulgarian Team Championship, Sunny beach Bulgaria, (2007), with the team Hemus-Sofia  +0=0-3

Bulgarian Open Championship, Plovdiv (2008)  +2=1-6 (started with +2=1-1)

About me

Opening and middle game average.

Very good at endgames.

If survives the opening, can be a very tough rival even against strong players.

Middlegame play was improved after studying Nimzowitschs My System.

Doesn't have enough time for chess preparation. From time to time plays chess on the Internet or against computers.

Started to play chess in tournaments too late (1996). 1 tournament per year (1996-1998). 1999-2006 dedicated to my dissertation. Plays 2-3 tournaments per year (from 2007). At the end of the tournaments feels tired.

Favorite chess players: Alekhine, Kasparov, Fischer

The text is courtesy of the author and does not necessarily represent the views of editorial board on chess/English

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