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Russian Hip-Hop & Chess

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Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 16 February 2013

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Chess and hip-hop go hand in hand - ask the Hip-Hop Chess Federation. A recent RapGenius post titled "Top Ten Chess Lyrics in Hip-Hop" has inspired us to make a similar list of Russian rap songs. Obviously, the lyrics were translated literally from Russian, so don't be surprised about the lack of rhymes.

#10. This is between us, no leaks expected.
You went from queens to pawns, and I from pawns to queen.
That's how it goes, and there is no way back.
The dogs bark, but the caravan moves on.
 (Lion feat. Guf Dances with wolves)

#9. Like roasted on coals, we are paying cash in rubles, real-life pawns will never become kings (Strizh, Artem Tatischevsky - Roasted on coals -in the video Black (hip-hop artists) defeat White (pop artists))

#8. I made my step like a grandmaster who gives a check ( Seryoga - Chalk of destiny)

#7. Out of competition, in rap I'm Bobby Fischer (St1m - Press the play button)


6. They play games at home, where it is warm
Draughts, chess, dominoes
But I am playing my own game
It belongs to me and other guys like me (Basta - My game)

#5. In this women's country females are much stronger and smarter then males.
Half of them can kick my ass or beat me in chess like grandmaster Kasparov,
But we had better make love instead, my dear. (Babangida - Women's world)

#4. Death devours everyone - queens, kings
Crumby pawns; don't funk kid,
Because every second piece
Has the potential to become really cool.
For the shahids it is giveaway chess,
They easily sacrifice pieces.
Any pal can fly away from the board,
So don't tell me that I am talking crap.
Life is just a game, so they say,
But only at the beginning the pieces are lined up...

(Kapa, A game of chess with Death)

No one is begging for help here

It is an 8*8 square field

On Black and White squares

Stand proud pieces, puppets.

(Vanich - Chess)


#2. We have a 64-square board at out disposal
And a wide selection of pieces from different sets
The most common ones are
Pawn with obvious damages done to their heads.
Three inspectors are selecting some of the objects
Trying to keep only the ones that deserve respect in the game
The critics believe that these attempts are futile
And generously swearing at them
The kids don't get that there won't be any place to play around
Neither for White people, nor for Afros, nor for blondes, nor for brunettes.
If no one will be giving out grades,
Casting aside noobs like a bright light of a projector in the dark
The pieces will begin devouring each other, leaving no remains
Like Gannibal Lektor
And move along vectors defined by the rules
Aim for the bridgehead, like a sperm targets an ovicell
Life is a game, even though it sounds banal
This battle is one of the matches, and the fight will begin soon.
Lowering my visor, I am riding a White stallion
From b1 to c3, defend yourself, sir.
Life is a game, even though it sounds banal,
This batle is one of the matches, and the fight will begin soon.
The square under the king yellows from fear,
Castling won't allow him to avoid check and mate.

  (Noize MC  - Life is a game)

#1. Paranoia...

For those who don't know who I am...

You are just a victim of someone's tactics
You can check it out yourself.
All our mundate daily routine
Is just chess
We are just chess pieces.

The rules of this ancient game are simple
You are just an instrument in someone else's hand.
All the pieces seem to look tricky only at first sight,
But each of them has its own square
And an abbreviation.
The pawns are usually disposed of
In no hurry.
They are made fun of by queens and kings
Cannon fodder, dominant casualties, they don't affect anything.
Maybe you are one of them.
Check what is inside of you, compare.
They are made of wood and ceramics
No mimicry, politics and celebrity gossip in their heads,
Analytics, money statistics, mystics.
They can't stand being criticized.
The only thing that changes for them is the color of the square.
Pawns are easily lost and forgotten...
Then officers...these are cops
Always go in pairs.
They never think and move alike.
Dumb as can be, live off bribes.
Then comes the rook - it knows what it's doing
Its structure is hollow, the piece is fat and bored with orders, demands, bishops...
Knights are business people...
They are very cunning and move differently each time
Hate bishops for being dumb
Like heroine, but attack half-heartedly.
They are usually targeted by the ones who run the world -
Kings, queens.
Queens and kings are also conventional here.
They can be defeated and broken.
Separated or crushed by the oligarchs.
Stalemate or checkmate is just the begginning of a new game.
No one is taking advantage of their freedom.
This is typical of all the chess folk of any time.
But I have left the chess board long ago.
Are you in the game?
Are you in the game?
Are you in the game?
Are you in the game?
Are you in the game?
Yes, are you in the game?

(Triada Chess)

My first conscious verse,
Religion, my legacy, chess, stars (Triada - Mirages)

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