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World Women's Team Chess Championship without Kosintseva Sisters

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Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The Kosintseva sisters were looking concerned at the closing ceremony of the Chess Olympiad-2012, which Russia won

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The information that was previously available only to the members of the team and the Russian Chess Federation officials has been made public. In today's interview chief coach of the Russian chess teams Evgeny Bareev announced that the Kosintseva sisters won't be playing for Russia in March at the World Women's Team Chess Championship. According to him, they gave an ultimatum: replace women's chess team captain Sergey Rublevsky, or they are not taking part. While the sisters have not provided the exact reason for this demand, Sergey himself mentioned to Evgeny that it might have to do with him acting overemotionally after the match with Ukraine and trying to "shake up" the team. GM Bareev said that the sisters were asked to explain their position in writing, and after that a final decision will be made.

As a result, the training session before the WWTC will be attended by Natalia Pogonina, Alexandra Kosteniuk, Valentina Gunina, Olga Girya, Anastasia Bodnaruk and Alexandra Goryachkina. All of them, except Anastasia Bodnaruk, are expected to play at the WWTC.

When asked why Alisa Galliamova is not  being considered, Evgeny mentioned that she is often reluctant to travel (afraid of traveling by plane - and has basically given up on chess, playing very rarely ("once in half a year"). Hence, inviting her is risky.

"I would like to see a battleworthy team in Astana, in which the younger girls won't be feeling lost. Olga Girya played at the Chess Olympiad in 2010, but for the second team. Sasha Goryachkina is lacking even such an experience. Meanwhile, the first team performance is very important, it provides emotions for the rest of the life. Other three girls are winners, they know how to play and to succeed. If the experienced girls support the youngsters, we should be able to finish in the top-3", - says Evgeny Bareev.

"It is sad that a compromise hasn't been reached between the two sides. Obviously, the Russian team will be much weaker without Nadezhda and Tatiana. Also, unfortunately, the interview published at RCF website is a turning point after which there is no way back. Now it will be harder to work out a mutually acceptable solution. If Sergey Rublevsky steps down, he will be considered a loser, and the RCF's reputation will be stained. If the sisters agree to play under his leadership, they will be be regarded as people who have given up on their beliefs. Overall, the situation is disappointing and difficult to handle. In terms of the nearest future, Alexandra, Natalia and Valentina are strong enough to potentially perform well on the first three boards. The younger players have their chance of a lifetime to shine and prove that they are worthy of playing for the strongest chess nation in the world. We will see what happens and wish them good luck", - comments editor Peter Zhdanov.

Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation and Head of the Russian Chess Federation Arkady Dvorkovich tweeted to Natalia Pogonina: "We have done everything we could to make sure they do play. I don't understand why they refuse to play for Russia..."

P.S. January 2013 FIDE ratings of top-11 Russian female players:

# Name Title Fed Rating G B-Year
 1  Kosintseva, Nadezhda  g  RUS  2531  8  1985
 2  Kosintseva, Tatiana  g  RUS  2517  6  1986
 3  Kosteniuk, Alexandra  g  RUS  2495  4  1984
 4  Gunina, Valentina  m  RUS  2490  16  1989
 5  Pogonina, Natalija  wg  RUS  2475  6  1985
 6  Galliamova, Alisa  m  RUS  2459  6  1972
 7  Girya, Olga  wg  RUS  2441  14  1991
 8  Bodnaruk, Anastasia  m  RUS  2430  2  1992
 9  Zaiatz, Elena  m  RUS  2427  0  1969
 10  Kovalevskaya, Ekaterina  m  RUS  2411  2  1974
 11  Goryachkina, Aleksandra  wg  RUS  2402  6  1998

Comments (5)
1. Written by This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it on 05:08 30 2013 .
Thank you for sharing this information. It is indeed a sad situation, but I suppose these things happen.
2. Written by This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it on 10:56 30 2013 .
"If Sergey Rublevsky steps down, he will be considered a loser, and the RCF's reputation will be stained. If the sisters agree to play under his leadership, they will be be regarded as people who have given up on their beliefs." 
Very sorry not to see the Kosintseva participate! It's probably too late but I personally I don't believe negotiating positions should be portrayed in such an either or manner. When the media or outsiders portray the consequences this way it makes it that much harder for the parties to get down from the ledge and find a compromise. Best wishes to all the parties.
3. Written by Peter on 11:21 30 2013 .
I agree with you and strongly believe in win-win scenarios, but I also know a bit about the mentality of the general public... :roll
4. Written by Andrey on 05:05 31 2013 .
Should I be in the Rublevsky\'s shoes, I would never give the reconciliation matters in the hands of the federation.  
I would personally and publicly acknowledge that my \'pep talk\' was in red zone slightly and even offer to travel to Arkhangelsk bare feet, showing repentance and cutting down the arrogance. 
It might cause some stir with other women members but there\'s no other option. I would even resign by myself should this plan fail.  
Also there are so many reasons for participants to keep silent with their opinions considering this event. Even personal rivalry might matter here.
5. Written by 765432 on 08:03 17 2013 .

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