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Garry Kasparov reportedly detained and beaten by the police

User Rating: / 2
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 17 August 2012
Article Index
Garry Kasparov reportedly detained and beaten by the police
Page 2 (translated by

Yes, I was detained, and in a bandit's fashion. They assaulted me without saying anything, grabbed me and dragged me over to the bus. When I tried to escape, one of them gave me a targeted kick in the groin. Inside of the vehicle they started twisting out my legs and hands. Summarizing, I got beaten. I and six other people are in OVD Khamovnicheskii now (one of the Moscow police departments -, says Kasparov.

Interfax also reported that Garry Kasparov had bitten a police officer, who is now trying to get his injury officially registered. Update: the latest information is that the fact has been confirmed in a medical institution. Now the materials will be passed to the prosecutor's office for Kasparov's actions to be classified.
Photo of the policeman's hand
Kommersant FM 93.6: Garry Kasparov categorically refuted the information about him having bitten a policeman (translated by

"I want to see that warrant officer. Saying that I had bitten someone is horseshit. Of course, I tried to buck like I could, but my teeth were tightly closed" - says Kasparov. "Maybe he got bitten by a police dog? Then let them have an examination" - suggested he.
Dmitry Ragozin, Russian Vice-Prime Minister: "Kasparov had bitten a policeman (link). I would have to ask the Head of the Office of Internal Affairs to vaccinize the victim against rabies"

BBC has a video of how it happened

On this video (from 1:38) one can see Garry Kasparov trying to jump out of the police car, shout and swear hysterically at the policemen

Update: each of the three girls representing Pussy Riot received a 2-year sentence.

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Comments (11)
1. Written by on 12:12 17 2012 .
... , , - , , .
2. Written by zzzzzzzzzzzzz on 20:53 17 2012 .
Dawn is breaking over Russia, and that dawn, scattering the darkness of the past, is the dawning of a Russia where the people will be the leading actor, where once more the rights of men and of the peoples who make up our multi-national and multi-regional country will be respected. And in these moments of great emotion my first concern is for our imprisoned, all the political prisoners, who must be set free immediately; and this must be the paramount concern of everyone who fights for and desires the re-establishment of democracy in Russia.
3. Written by me on 01:59 18 2012 .
Kasparov should leave Russia and live in Israel, USA, Baku or Erevan. It will be better for everyone. Russians did not need him in the past do not need him now.
4. Written by Russian on 02:10 18 2012 .
" , , - , , ." 
Look at the faces of "". Their are human. Look at Kasparov's face. He is crazy. His actions and statements are crazy as well.
5. Written by on 20:58 18 2012 .
, ? 
, , "crazy Kasparov"... 
, . -, , , , , . 
"human"... , , . . , " , - ". 
, , - , , ,  
6. Written by Peter on 22:16 18 2012 .
, , - . : , , , " ". , :)
7. Written by on 00:13 19 2012 .
:eek :upset
8. Written by Russian on 03:16 19 2012 .
" , " 
Chess is a noble game. 
Kasparov's behaviour during his games against Karpov was very far from noble. 
He deteriorated the moral standards in chess. His subsequent contribution to many areas of chess was also negative. His "political" activity (after the end of playing chess) is amoral from various points of view and siply funny. The majority of Russians who are aware of his "political" activity believe that he is a crazy clown. The event described here indicate that his nickname should be "a crazy dog".
9. Written by Russian on 03:22 19 2012 .
"... , ..." 
Go ahead! 
I, however, love the Russian "" and prefer to live in Russia.
10. Written by This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it on 04:07 19 2012 .
Phony bite
The bite appears to be the wrong way up like the officer bit himself. The bottom marks appear to be top teeth, which is what happens when you bite yourself. The mark also appears to be literally 10 seconds after a bite. I very much doubt they would have a camera ready in ten seconds. Also that bite is one of low force staying still for 30 seconds or more...utterly ridiculous. Total frame.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 19 August 2012 )
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