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Emmanuel B. Asi
from Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro
Signed on: Sun Jan 29 07:49:43 2012
You and your website look great. 
I really admire the women who play chess well. No fortunate to have a female child. My to sons are just watchers of the game and don't want to be addicted to the game just like their dad. Please advise if ever you will visit the Philippines. Regards to you and your family.
Comment: Thanks, Emmanuel! All the best to you and your sons! 
Maybe one day they will also like it.
from Philippines
Signed on: Thu Jan 26 15:03:25 2012
Hi Natalia, I'm a fan. I was wondering if how, at the age of 6, you were thought and learned to understand chess. I got this kid, she is intelligent but has no interest in chess. I'm a chess addict and I wish one of my children to learn, appreciate and excel in this field. 
Thanks a lot and good luck to your upcoming tournaments.
Comment: Thanks! The trick is that one shouldn't impose his views on the child. She has the right to choose her vocation herself as opposed to living up to your expectations of her becoming a strong chess player. I am not discouraging you from teaching her chess, but the interest should come naturally. If she likes it eventually, that's fine. If not, then it's also ok. Besides, sometimes it takes some time for kids to start enjoying chess. I myself started studying it professionally a few years after I have learnt the rules, and that is quite typical.
Terry Brooks
from Des Moines Iowa usa
Signed on: Wed Jan 25 16:54:30 2012
Hello my name is Terry and i love playing chess, just wish i could get better any advice would be helpfull thank you
АлександрSigned on: Sat Dec 17 18:11:55 2011
Это ваше первое выступление за первую сборную на крупных 
соревнованиях. Удачи Вам и всей команде!А потом Новый Год!!!
Comment: Я выступала за первую сборную и на Олимпиаде-2008. Тем не менее, спасибо :)
Chad Schneider
from Albuquerque, NM
Signed on: Sat Dec 17 04:45:37 2011
Hi Natalia, I'm a big fan. Maybe some year we can get you to come to the Southwest USA. I usually provide conditions to 2-3 GMs per year for the Southern Rocky FIDE Open. Best wishes in chess, poker, and life!
Comment: Thanks Chad! Will check the link out and let you know.
gerzogSigned on: Thu Dec 8 22:08:50 2011
Очень романтичное оформление!
from canada
Signed on: Wed Dec 7 19:18:59 2011
Hi Natalia, congratulations for your power and vision in chess. I hope to see you some day face to face. All well for you? ;)
Comment: I'm doing fine, thanks!
Kojo Ackah
from Accra, Ghana
Signed on: Tue Dec 6 19:42:33 2011
What does it take to have a FIDE rating? esp for someone in my sub-region??
Comment: Find the nearest tournament organizer and make sure his events are FIDE-rated. Check out FIDE's Handbook for the info: 
However, I have checked the data for January 2012, and there doesn't seem to be a single FIDE-rated tournament scheduled in Ghana. :(
from Братислава
Signed on: Sun Dec 4 12:51:50 2011
Привет, Наталья! Красивые фотки со свадьбы!
HENRIKSigned on: Mon Nov 28 22:41:42 2011
Natalia skazhite pliz prosto xochetca uznat vashe mnenie kak ocenivaete po povodu matcha Anand-Gelfand? kakoy prognoz i za kovo vi budete balet? ?
HENRIKSigned on: Mon Nov 28 20:41:11 2011
Natalia neuzheli vi predpochitaete 2700 chem stat chempionkoy mira???? strannoe reshenie esli chestno ))
Comment: А что странного? Уровень игры гораздо важнее титулов.
HENRIKSigned on: Sun Nov 27 19:05:39 2011
ochen bi xotelos igrat s vami skazhite gde i kak eto vozmozhno vi igraete v chess base ?
HENRIKSigned on: Sun Nov 27 18:13:22 2011
:grin privet milaya Natalia. zaranee skazhu izvinite za slovo milaya prosto vi moy kumir ya v as prosto obozhau i slezhu i boleu za vashimi igrami. nakonec to ya smog napisat vam a to nikak ne mog u menya ne poyavlyalsya kod vot seychas zametil chto uzhe est i pishu znayte chto vi odna iz samix ocharovatelnix shaxmatistok v mire zhelau zdorovye vashey semyeKolenke muzhu i tebe. zhelau pobed udachi v lichnoy zhizni i v shaxmatax
Comment: Spasibo bolshoe!
Шамонина Людмила Ана
from г. Уфа, Башкортостан
Signed on: Mon Nov 14 10:08:14 2011
Дорогая Наталия. 
Поздравляем с 2-мя золотыми медалями чемпионата Европы.Очень рады твоим успехам, восхищаемся и гордимся, что у нас появилась такая замечательная родственница, которая открыла для нас такой интересный шахматный мир. Поздравляем Петра и Коленьку,( ему 2 медали подарок от мамы на предстоящее 3х летие).
Comment: Cпасибо большое за поздравление! А Коле скоро будет 2, а не 3. :)
from Казань
Signed on: Sat Nov 12 22:50:29 2011
Не плохо было бы добавить поиск на сайт. Помню что читал на Вашем сайте про каменку, де не помню, а поиска нет.