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Christo du Plooy
from Sout Africa
Signed on: Tue Aug 7 16:59:14 2012
Hi Natalia, I have formal training in chess... But what advice have you for me to improve my playing strength even more - I usely play 4 tournaments in a year and the results are 50%
Comment: There is not enough information to suggest a certain training routine. An optimal solution would be to contact a good chess coach and create a training plan together with him. Good luck!
TimSigned on: Mon Jul 16 14:00:20 2012
How would you start out a game against a much stronger opponent when you know you cannot win - but want to try anyway? . . . ;) 
Comment: I would just play the openings I am comfortable with, my regular ones.
Josй Ribeiro
from Lisbon
Signed on: Tue Jul 10 00:38:20 2012
I would like to reply to the article by Peter Zhdanov called: Is chess not for anyone? with this quote: 
"Those who know the marvels of chess and wonder why this game of all games does not enjoy greater popularity may also ask why Pepsi-Cola is consumed by more people than Chateau Lafite, or the Beatles are more familiar than Beethoven. - Gregor Piatigorsky
ВикторSigned on: Wed Jul 11 07:29:20 2012
Выплатили ли призовые за Высшую лигу ч. России? Я слышал, у РШФ проблемы с выплатами. Не осталось ли у нее долгов перед Вами за другие выступления?
Bernardo BautistaSigned on: Mon Jun 25 21:31:25 2012
hola Natalia, eres muy talentosa y muy bella.Muchos Г©xitos!!
from India
Signed on: Tue Jun 12 14:16:52 2012
Hello, i am a Chess player & i would like to marry a Chess player.. so is there any possibility? Regards, Vikram
Comment: If you find a chess player who would like to marry you, then why not.
from indonesia
Signed on: Wed May 30 14:54:13 2012
This first time I go to your blog. I am very impressed with the woman who was so great in the game of chess. I also like to write about women chess world. Just look in my website.
Comment: Thanks!
sadovskySigned on: Wed May 30 14:54:29 2012
Красивый и увлекательный сайт, можно ли на вас сослаться в моем болге?
Comment: Конечно :)
from South Africa
Signed on: Mon May 21 16:35:59 2012
Hi Natalia 
I am enjoying your commentary on Chessgames & thanks for accepting my 'friend request' on Facebook. 
I like your Website. Best wishes and keep up the good work. 
Comment: Thanks, Gordon! All the best to you!
from United States
Signed on: Sun May 6 04:13:45 2012
thanks for accepting my friend request,its an honor,the best to you in the future,in all desire and strive for,if u visit my site i dd love if u joined,bye bye.
Kojo Ackah
from Ghana
Signed on: Mon Apr 23 18:55:15 2012
Its been great visiting your blog. Just want to know how you approached the middlegame and the steps you took to improve that aspect of your game. Any suggestions concerning chess study in general are welcome. Thanks in advance. :)
Comment: Hi Kojo! Just keep following my articles here and at Many of the columns are dedicated to the middlegame; some of them even explicitly named so.
Gary Velich
from Kenosha, Wisconsin USA
Signed on: Fri Mar 9 18:53:34 2012
Happy Birthday Natalia!! You are a great chess player and person. I also like your chess website it is pretty cool. Someday I would like to visit Russia as they have world's greatest chess players and chess schools. Keep up the great chess and I wish you the best!!
Comment: Thanks a lot & all the best to you too, Gary!
from Philippines
Signed on: Fri Feb 10 18:21:26 2012
Hi Miss Pogonina, thank you so much for the reply and the insights. Actually what you said were true. I knew it, kids should not be forced to things (or to have interest in chess for that matter) that are not their liking. It's just that I'm a chess fanatic and it was my wishful thinking that I may find the idea to attracting my kid into Chess. But of course your opinion did help  
and I really appreciate that. God bless and wish you more accomplishments to come.
Сергей Хоменко
from Чернигов,Украина
Signed on: Sat Feb 4 12:33:46 2012
Здравствуйте уважаемая гроссмейстер Наталья Погонина!Узнал о Вашем сайте наСпасибо за интересный сайт и любовь к шахматам.
Comment: Очень приятно, Сергей! Вам тоже всего хорошего!
from india
Signed on: Sat Feb 4 12:32:53 2012
Hi Natalia, I just found out this website, its cool. Your article, "Under the pressure" was great esp about Anand's comment of Kasparov. Hope to get similar articles of that type.
Comment: Hi Dangmei! Thanks, I have been writing weekly columns since 2009. Many more to check out if you haven't done so; hopefully, even more to come!