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There are 415 entries in the guestbook.
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AlexSigned on: Sat Mar 9 08:54:59 2013
, ! , , ! .
Comment: ! :)
Signed on: Wed Feb 27 16:36:32 2013
( ) 100- "". . 
:roll :roll :roll
IvanSigned on: Fri Feb 1 16:07:53 2013
Let's play Pyramids (the chess variant)! 
:roll :roll :roll
Ricardo Strausz
from Mxico city
Signed on: Tue Jan 8 16:53:24 2013
I want to be your pupil; I am a great fan of you. 
Please let me know next tim you come to Mxico
from Latin America
Signed on: Sat Dec 29 17:15:25 2012
Hi Natalia. 
Nice celebrations for you and your family. 
My best wishing for you and your chess in 2013. 
Comment: Thanks! Happy NY to you too! :)
Dmitry M
Signed on: Sat Dec 15 09:46:30 2012
, !
Comment: !
from Latin America
Signed on: Tue Dec 4 05:17:24 2012
Hi!! Natalia. 
Did you see?? 
Only the world champion could beat you in such a knock out game.  
Thanks for your play. 
Please tell me something about your next competition and how can I follow this.
Comment: Hi! I am planning to play in Gibraltar in January. My tournament schedule is always published on top of, so it's very easy to follow it ;-)
Signed on: Mon Nov 19 10:36:30 2012
from Amrica Latina
Signed on: Sat Nov 17 06:21:19 2012
Congratulation Natalia, for your triumph over Kosteniuk. 
Your play provoke a push over opponent, like moon does; as well as you. 
Thanks for your beauty, and for be a moon. And remember a pawn always can become a Queen. Be always a pawn and push like a Queen, like now!!! 
I think you will be the world champion. 
Comment: Thank you!
Signed on: Thu Nov 15 16:40:21 2012
, ! .
Comment: ! :)
SethSigned on: Wed Nov 14 05:05:23 2012
Sorry, tried to post this as a comment but the code box had a red x on it with no code. 
"Kosteniuk vs Pogonina??? 
My two favorite Russian women players playing each other? This really sucks. :( 
Good luck to both. Wish you didn't have to play each other."
, Signed on: Thu Nov 8 08:11:43 2012

1) 4 5 
2) Ff3 Fe7 
3) b3 c6 
4) Ca3 d6 
5) Kc3 Ce6 
6) Cd3 Kbd7 
7) Kge2 Kgf6 
8) h3 g6 
9) 0-0 Cg7 
10) Lfe1 0-0 
11) Cb2 Kc5 
12) Ce2 b6
from Erie, PA USA
Signed on: Sun Nov 4 20:14:40 2012
Hi Natalia, Did you know Humphrey Bogart was an incredible chess player? See These Links- 
Have a great one!
SethSigned on: Sun Oct 7 18:39:54 2012
Hi Natalia, 
I was just curious - have you ever played in the United States before? And have you wanted to? A warning...we usually play 2 games a day over here. ;-)
Comment: No, somehow I haven't. Would love to play in the USA, as long as the conditions are acceptable. One round per day, decent prizes, etc. :)

Signed on: Wed Sep 12 19:42:59 2012
, ! 
. , , . 
. , . Ÿ . 
. , . ;)
Comment: , !