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What's your FIDE rating?

What should Natalia do to make more interesting for you?

Who is your favorite active top player?

Poker or chess: what do you like more?

What's the largest monetary chess prize you ever won?

How much time per day do you spend on chess-related activities?

Do you have a special chess mascot (pen, badge, toy, etc.)?

Which time control do you prefer for over-the-board tournaments?

The strongest women's chess team in the world is

What is the strongest national chess team in the world?

Will Magnus Carlsen's rating reach FIDE 2900?

Do you think you can become a GM?

There are 410 entries in the guestbook.
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KabirSigned on: Fri Jun 26 10:26:40 2009
Got it. Thanks. :)
Comment: You are welcome! :-)
from India
Signed on: Fri Jun 26 08:20:31 2009
I am using Firefox.
Comment: Then you can subscribe to the RSS feed by clicking the icon on top of your browser window (next to the Bookmarks star)
from India
Signed on: Thu Jun 25 14:33:46 2009
I would like to suggest that you start an e-newsletter or an RSS facility so that your fans do not have to visit the site frequently just to see if there is any new article or post.
Comment: Thanks for the suggestion, Kabir! 
We've got an RSS feed (btw, what browser are you using?), so you can subscribe for the latest news. Re the e-newsletter - Rome wasn't built in a day. :-)
TitSigned on: Wed Jun 24 12:30:52 2009
огромное человеческое спасбо!
GeorgeSigned on: Tue Jun 23 15:04:05 2009
Good luck, Natalia :)
Comment: Thanks, George!
F250Signed on: Mon Jun 22 17:33:17 2009
белочка на фотке со свадьбы в тему подошла ))))
Comment: Это точно, мы тоже оценили! :-)
from u.s.a.
Signed on: Mon Jun 22 10:23:26 2009
Congratulations on your wedding! I was also married on May30!
Comment: Thanks and congratulations to you too! Have a nice married life! :-)
Лосев Сергей
from г. Звенигород
Signed on: Sun Jun 21 07:20:52 2009
Наташа и Петя, от всего сердца поздравляем вас с бракосочетанием! Желаем счастья, любви,здоровья и шахматных успехов! :)  
Лосевы Сергеи.
Comment: Большое Вам спасибо! :-)
benSigned on: Sat Jun 20 16:33:30 2009
maybe some of the 2700+ players voted more than once ;)
Comment: Yeah, they keep returning to the website and vote over and over again! :-)
JaSigned on: Sat Jun 20 16:35:46 2009
Who is your favourite top chessplayer? Veselin Tolalov?
Comment: I have friendly or good relations with almost all of them, so it's hard to pick one. However, if we remove "top" from the question, you probably know the answer! ;-)
SethSigned on: Wed Jun 17 06:58:19 2009
I think some people are not being entirely honest when they answer your polls. :roll I just noticed that there are 42 people who say they are over 2700, yet the official FIDE website says there are cuurently only 31 players over the super GM mark. Everyone's got to be a comedian, I guess.
Comment: That's true. We should've probably made a 2800+ category so that people who want to have fun voted there. Or even 3000+ :-)
Людмила Анатольевна&
from Уфа, Башкортостан
Signed on: Sat Jun 13 06:27:07 2009
Дорогие Наталья и Пётр! С Днём бракосочетания поздравляют Вас все уфимские родственники со стороны Петра: тётя Люся, дядя Петя, Юра и Андрей -двоюродные братья, Марина и Ольга - двоюродные сёстры, Люда и Света - двоюродные снохи, Андрей, Саша, Алёша, Оля - двоюродные племянники. 
Желаем Вам семейного счастья, деловых успехов и новых шахматных побед! Совет да Любовь! Горько!!! :)
Comment: Спасибо большое, тётя Люся! Привет всем и благодарности от меня и Наташи! (Петя)
Robert Wilkins
from Vancouver BC CANADA
Signed on: Thu Jun 11 15:05:43 2009
Best wishes to both of you and many happy years to come. Always nice to see young people such as yourselves build a future with interests that coincide with one another and blossom with time. 
Comment: Thank you!
пппппппппппSigned on: Thu Jun 11 06:45:31 2009
а у кого рейтинг 2300, 2400, 
2500 и т.д., им куда голосовать?
Comment: В большую сторону, т.е. неформальное название категорий "трёхсотники", "четырехсотники", "пятисотники" и т.д. :)
Elmer Dumlao Sangala
from Manila, the Philippines
Signed on: Wed Jun 10 15:21:16 2009
Dear Natalia, 
Congratulations and best wishes to you and Peter on your marriage. May you be blest with many children who will play chess as well as you do. I hope you will visit the Philippines someday, join open tournaments here, and enjoy our hospitality.
Comment: Thank you, Elmer! Probably one day I will play in a tournament in Philippines - who knows. :-)