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Robert Noland
от Ohio USA
написано: Tue Jul 14 23:52:07 2009
Great site. I have bookmarked it. Looking forward to you and your husband's book. :grin
Комментарий: Thanks, Robert! We're working on it! ;-)
от USA
написано: Tue Jul 14 21:11:23 2009
WoW, amazing accomplishments. Congratulations
Комментарий: Ty! :-)
от USA
написано: Tue Jul 14 18:59:57 2009
Chess has just gotten better looking. Could you possilbly be more alluring!!! I'm going to look at some of your games.
Комментарий: Thanks! =)
superheroнаписано: Tue Jul 14 17:46:04 2009
some words from male grandmasters, say thngs like....'how could i lose to such idiot' and...my aim is to crush my oponents mind and spirit...lmao, this is wot they thnk...this is their motivation...i can neva imagine a woman to say or thnk such words, thats why they should play seperate...i believe a woman play chess for a total diffrent reason...a kind reason...and the beauty would get lost if played with anotha mindset...its jst a view, not an opinion, think it, write it, read it.
superheroнаписано: Tue Jul 14 17:03:51 2009
there is more male criminals than female... more malechessfans than womanchessfans. Its a brutal game...and i thnk that men always more brutal than woman, but some woman are stronger than other, they jst not as dirty as men-if you get wot im saying:) my reply to why woman and men should play seperate...
Jean-Baptiste BOURNI
от France
написано: Mon Jul 13 19:19:49 2009
It was nice to meet you on twitter ! I hope more funny updates on your twitter page for the future. Kisses from France !
Комментарий: ;-)
eusebio riegoнаписано: Mon Jul 13 06:16:19 2009
can we play chess
Edo-Sanнаписано: Sat Jul 11 20:26:49 2009
It was your article "Winning with a Piece Down" I was refering to (with the game you included). I then was reading your article on "women in Chess" about women vs men and I could see connections between chess and Tai-Chi. Your's truly - Edo-San.
от San Diego, Ca. USA
написано: Sat Jul 11 20:14:00 2009
I was looking at your game just posted in Chess.com. You made a notation about "harmonious" pieces and I thought that was well said. I have never heard a man player say that. I like your playing style very much. I'm a man (and just play for fun) but I think your comment was right to the point. I have been studying Tai-Chi for many years now and I found that some of my favorite teachers were women - because they really have to make use of Tai-Chi principles - since they are small and not muscular. Many men who study Tai-Chi are also small and not muscular. I found the women's style so "harmonious" and yet deadly. Anyway, just wanted to share that with you. Keep up the great work !
Комментарий: Thanks, Edo-San! I guess you are referring to my article "Winning when a piece down", or is it a game of mine?
Taylor Weston
от Seattle, WA, USA
написано: Sat Jul 11 07:31:01 2009
Hey Natalia! Love your games. Keep up the good work.
Комментарий: Thanks, Taylor, will try to!
BA Rafal Kosteckiнаписано: Fri Jul 10 22:23:25 2009
:grin :grin REALLY PRETTY,and really strong (2500) elo to my (1838)elo female chess player
Rob Sawart / Bruce G
от Florida/New York
написано: Sat Jul 11 07:31:37 2009
A great site very nice to visit here and on Twitter too. Thank you for sharing and it has inspired us to look at our site and make it better for visitors to come and see. We have had some serious illnesses this year and has taken us away from our goals yet we will be back on top. Again GREAT SITE! BOB AND BRUCE from Millennium Chess
Комментарий: Thanks, guys, and good luck with Millennium Chess!
Adrian Wichmann
от Germany
написано: Sat Jul 11 07:32:28 2009
Very interesting site. My son will study your games with great interest.
Комментарий: Nice to hear that, thanks!
Dr Oyvind Brandvoll
от Oslo, Norway
написано: Tue Jul 7 15:55:18 2009
Thanks for a wonderful page, i just cant help wondering about the picture on top.. Has a leg been removed? As beautiful as you are im sure the other leg won't ruin anything :)
Комментарий: Good point, Dr Oyvind, but boots on the rock would have looked a bit unnatural.Besides, you can always visit the Gallery. :-)
Егорнаписано: Sun Jul 5 08:07:24 2009
Извините что задаю глупый вопрос, но надеюсь кто нибудь ответит :grin, а то у кого не спрашиваю никто не знает... Я видел опрос "Ваше отношение к удвоению К (с 10 до 20, с 15 до 30) ? " Вот теперь вопрос: это удвоение уже действует или это только ещё запланированно ФИДЕ? Лично мне это удвоение нравится, можно будет быстрее набить рейтинг, но с другой стороны можно быстро и растерять. И что теперь чаще будет обновляться рейтинг тоже хорошо, более честно.
Комментарий: Вопрос о повышении К временно отложен: