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There are 410 entries in the guestbook.
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from portland usa
Signed on: Wed Jul 22 20:00:23 2009
hello Natalya, I have to say that I am proud to be able to say that you are a great person 
Comment: Thanks, Emilie, and see you at! :-)
from south africa
Signed on: Wed Jul 22 13:34:07 2009
from Albany NY USA
Signed on: Wed Jul 22 20:20:27 2009
Congrats on your accomplishments in this great game! Will be following your games and happy to be a new fan. &
Comment: Thank you, Peano!
from czech republic
Signed on: Wed Jul 22 14:44:05 2009
dear nataly, you're the most beuatiful chesswomanplayer, imho, but not only imho, anyway. I'm your big fan.
Comment: Thank you! :-)
wmbloggerSigned on: Mon Jul 20 10:26:45 2009
Красивый дизайн у вашего сайта, Наталья :)
Comment: Спасибо! ;-)
Thomas Moniz
from Kapaa Kauai, Hawaii
Signed on: Sat Jul 18 01:38:51 2009
Hello Natalia, 
Thank you for your contributions to this game we all love.
from Atlanta,Ga
Signed on: Sat Jul 18 11:10:25 2009
Yeah, Natalia cool page! :grin
Comment: Thanks!
from New Delhi, India
Signed on: Fri Jul 17 09:31:02 2009
Hi chess princess. 
I m happy just to make any kind of following to you; and if I am able to get you remember the name and whereabouts of your fan, that has to be terrific. 
wish u all the success and love, god bless.
Comment: Ty!
from Panama
Signed on: Fri Jul 17 09:31:40 2009
Sorry, i thought that i saw some games you playing white, Be2 against the Nadjorf. Have you consider registering on facebook?
Comment: I have so many web-profiles - it takes a lot of time, so I don't feel like registering there.
from Panama
Signed on: Thu Jul 16 22:08:48 2009
Hi Natalia! i like your karpov chess style with B92; before i always use'it, but recently i had to add B99 stuffs for most win situations; i saw some games from beijing and thought that you could be even more dangerous adding wild stuffs to repertoire.
Comment: Hm...I don't play B92! ;-) You must have mistaken me for someone else!
Robert Noland
from Ohio USA
Signed on: Tue Jul 14 23:52:07 2009
Great site. I have bookmarked it. Looking forward to you and your husband's book. :grin
Comment: Thanks, Robert! We're working on it! ;-)
from USA
Signed on: Tue Jul 14 21:11:23 2009
WoW, amazing accomplishments. Congratulations
Comment: Ty! :-)
from USA
Signed on: Tue Jul 14 18:59:57 2009
Chess has just gotten better looking. Could you possilbly be more alluring!!! I'm going to look at some of your games.
Comment: Thanks! =)
superheroSigned on: Tue Jul 14 17:46:04 2009
some words from male grandmasters, say thngs like....'how could i lose to such idiot' aim is to crush my oponents mind and spirit...lmao, this is wot they thnk...this is their motivation...i can neva imagine a woman to say or thnk such words, thats why they should play seperate...i believe a woman play chess for a total diffrent reason...a kind reason...and the beauty would get lost if played with anotha mindset...its jst a view, not an opinion, think it, write it, read it.
superheroSigned on: Tue Jul 14 17:03:51 2009
there is more male criminals than female... more malechessfans than womanchessfans. Its a brutal game...and i thnk that men always more brutal than woman, but some woman are stronger than other, they jst not as dirty as men-if you get wot im saying:) my reply to why woman and men should play seperate...