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from Латвия
Signed on: Wed Mar 10 10:48:41 2010
С Днём рождения! 
Счастья, любви, новых достижений, громких побед!!!
Comment: Спасибо большое, Ирэна!
Reed Richards
from Toronto, Canada
Signed on: Fri Mar 5 18:42:17 2010
I am a huge fan of yours...and looking forward to the day when a woman becomes the World Chess Champion...what a great day that would be...of all the best players in History, who do you like most, and why?
Comment: Thanks, that would have been great indeed! 
Judging by the level of play and influence on modern chess, I think it's Kasparov.
from Latvia
Signed on: Fri Mar 5 18:41:15 2010
Добрый день, Наталия! 
Моей дочери 9 лет, заниматься шахматами стала с 6 лет. Первый разряд получила в 8 лет. Чемпионка Латвии 2009 года. Много знает и умеет, но нет спортивного характера. Возможно ли воспитание характера спортивного, или это врожденное и коррекции не подлежит. Спасибо
Comment: Еще как возможно! Чемпионами не рождаются, ими становятся по ходу жизни. Хотя, конечно, работа предстоит непростая.
from Иркутск
Signed on: Mon Mar 1 16:41:16 2010
Наташа, здравствуйте! 
написали Вам письмо на 
Дошло ли оно?
Comment: Геннадий, день добрый! 
Письмо дошло, спасибо. Скоро отвечу. :)
Manindra Prashar
from Noida,India
Signed on: Wed Feb 24 11:25:51 2010
your games are Gr8,do you have some games of yours against Kasparov,Anand& Topolov etc ?
Comment: Thanks. I have never played against them, unfortunately. Maybe someday... :-)
Hans Hildebrand
from Conway,NH--USA
Signed on: Fri Feb 19 18:37:38 2010
I love your website! Very friendly and great features. Thanks so much. Warmest Wishes from Hans in New Hampshire
Comment: Thanks, Hans! Glad you like chess and my website! ;-)
wa1ufo@gmail.comhttp://w1mwv.comNot sure
Tony L. Toruan
from Palembang, Indonesia (Southeast Asia)
Signed on: Wed Feb 17 19:48:45 2010
Dear Natalija, I've just browsed to see pictures of you. I saw you and Benggala Tiger. You like tiger ? Me, too. You can see my profile at (wOnQkitO). At now, I join community trying to beat you. Is it true if we make #28. ... Be7 ? Why ? Spacibo.
Comment: Cats are great, yeah! Don't think 28...Be7 poses any problems for White though :P
SethSigned on: Wed Feb 10 00:22:12 2010
Thanks for the answer! :) By the way, I feel like I should tell you...your cat is on fire!! :eek :eek
Comment: :D
SethSigned on: Sun Feb 7 13:34:17 2010
May I ask a stupid question?How do Grandmasters practice their tactics? Do they use books that they repeatedly go over, or use special software or go on tactics training sites?
Comment: Books (it's hard to find good ones actually) + special software (e.g. CT-ART). Solving tactics online isn't popular since most servers offer superficial training software.
from Brasil
Signed on: Sat Feb 6 00:22:17 2010
the photos were beautiful. thanks for putting in your album :grin
Comment: Thanks once again! The wallpapers are awesome! ;-)
from brasil
Signed on: Wed Feb 3 23:00:44 2010
a fan of this look at your email ;)
Comment: Thanks, great backgrounds! ;-)
from Ангарск
Signed on: Thu Jan 21 10:35:10 2010
Наташа, посоветуйте. У меня подруга КМС говорит, что если во время турнира заниматься сексом, то из-за этого снижается спортивный результат. я не согласен. Кто прав, а кто нет? Чтобы ее переубедить нужно Ваше авторитетное мнение.
Comment: Думаю, это индивидуально. Но, в среднем, женщинам полезно заниматься сексом во время турниров, а мужчины слишком много энергии затрачивают, может на партию не хватить. :-)
from Иркутск
Signed on: Wed Jan 20 07:30:11 2010
Наташа, а Ваш муж ревнивый? :-)
Comment: Нет, он в себе уверен :-)
from Santiago de Chile
Signed on: Wed Jan 20 07:29:49 2010
I am a chess practitioner. I regularly play Chess960, Alice chess, and Shatranj. :p
Comment: Alice chess? Haven't even heard about it! ;-)
from bulgaria
Signed on: Tue Jan 19 13:16:02 2010
hello bloody merry