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Poker or chess: what do you like more?

What's the largest monetary chess prize you ever won?

How much time per day do you spend on chess-related activities?

Do you have a special chess mascot (pen, badge, toy, etc.)?

Which time control do you prefer for over-the-board tournaments?

The strongest women's chess team in the world is

What is the strongest national chess team in the world?

Will Magnus Carlsen's rating reach FIDE 2900?

Do you think you can become a GM?

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from switzerland
Signed on: Sun Apr 25 13:39:20 2010
Great web site! Good to read your thoughts about Anand-Topalov 
Comment: Thanks! :-)
from Wisconsin, USA
Signed on: Fri Apr 16 10:10:48 2010
Your website rocks. Congrats to the newlyweds! Best of luck in chess. Come to USA! :)
Comment: Thanks! ;-) We aren't really newlyweds, but it's never too late to congratulate! ;-)
from INDIA
Signed on: Mon Apr 12 07:08:42 2010
Blessing for you & 
anburaj2002@rediffmail.comhttp://HONOUR MINISTRY
from Poland
Signed on: Thu Apr 8 11:23:15 2010
Beautiful woman, great chess player and a great website. Wish you good luck ! 
Красивая женщина, великий шахматист и большой сайт. Желаю вам удачи! :)
Comment: Thanks a lot! :-)
Alfonso Jimenez
from Loughborough,UK
Signed on: Tue Apr 6 13:12:23 2010
Hi Natalia,a very congratulations and carry on with your lovely job,i hope the best for you in chess and in the life!,take care ;)
Comment: Thanks, Alfonso! =)
from Amsterdam - Netherlands
Signed on: Mon Apr 5 11:01:11 2010
Nice site, very peaceful and harmonious must be a snapshot of chess heaven.
Comment: Thanks, we're trying!
from USA/California
Signed on: Mon Apr 5 08:05:26 2010
:) Gr8 Job!
Comment: Thanks! ;-)
from Lacey, WA
Signed on: Mon Apr 5 03:39:31 2010
Hi from the PacWest USA. I would like to know if you ever come out to Seattle; we drink coffee here and I know there are a few chess clubs in the area that would love a visit from you. Let me know. I love your website; well organized and it's you! Keep giving us those puzzles - I'm ADD so I need to study constantly.
Comment: Hi! I have never been to Seattle since I travel mainly to tournaments, and there have been no large events there. However, I'd be happy to visit Seattle one day.
Macie BingSigned on: Mon Apr 5 03:39:14 2010
Thanks for the follow on Twitter and I did need the distraction! :))
Comment: ;-)
from india
Signed on: Fri Apr 2 21:45:09 2010
i am sanjay chess coach in india 
i read your interview in alexandras website 
do you publish chess puzzles? 
keep mailing
Comment: I publish 1 or two each week. Also, there is a daily puzzle in the "Games" section of the website
Vaclav PekarSigned on: Tue Mar 30 10:59:11 2010
Thanks for the answer. You are right, but it still looks weird :-)
Vбclav PekaY
from Czech republic
Signed on: Tue Mar 30 10:02:16 2010
Hello. I like you and your games. But look at your photo at the top of your web. It's weird, isn't it? 
1. It's kitsch! 
2. I'm sorry, but your left leg and left arm is missing.
Comment: Thanks! Those сomplaints refer mostly to the designer (who did a good job overall, right?), not me. ;-) 
Besides, look closely, nothing is missing. Check out this pic:
from Illinois, USA
Signed on: Thu Mar 18 10:25:15 2010
Natalia, if you're ever in the Chicago area, i'll be sure to attend whatever event you are participating in. Good luck in your career, and promoting chess. 
Comment: Thanks, Kevin! Will let you know if I come to Chicago. ;-)
Иван Брюханов
from Украина
Signed on: Wed Mar 17 18:45:07 2010
Наталья!в чем сила игры 
П.Крамлинг ?
Comment: Обширные знания, большой опыт, много партий против мужских гроссмейстеров. Мы играли с Пией 3 раза, все вничью. :-)
Raymond Reid
from Dublin, Ireland.
Signed on: Tue Mar 16 05:24:41 2010
Chesmayne Chess Dictionary. The LARGEST on-line chess dictionary on the web - link....... :eek