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Poker or chess: what do you like more?

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How much time per day do you spend on chess-related activities?

Do you have a special chess mascot (pen, badge, toy, etc.)?

Which time control do you prefer for over-the-board tournaments?

The strongest women's chess team in the world is

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Will Magnus Carlsen's rating reach FIDE 2900?

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There are 410 entries in the guestbook.
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Rodney Jackson
from Cudahy WI. United States
Signed on: Mon Jun 7 16:09:49 2010
:) Do you have an daily or weekly new letter, saying whats happening on the chess games. Thank-you do you have play for beginner.
Comment: Hi Rodney! We don't send out newsletters, all the news are available at the website itself. ;-) 
Yes, we have a playing zone - check it out!
Людмила Анатольевна
from г. Уфа, Башкортостан
Signed on: Mon Jun 7 16:09:21 2010
Дорогие Пётр и Наташа! 
Все уфимские родственники Поздравляют Вас с Годовщиной Свадьбы! Желают крепкого здоровья, успехов во всех делах, любви, счастья и благополучия Вашей семье, главное сокровище которой - Ваш сыночек Коленька. Пусть растёт здоровым, умным и талантливым ребёнком! :)
Comment: Спасибо большое, тетя Люся :)
Gordon Guttmann
from Cle Elum, WA
Signed on: Tue Jun 1 22:59:09 2010
Thank you Natalia for promoting chess and making it interesting for many levels of players! It does not hurt that you are such a beauty also:)
Comment: Thanks, Gordon! ;-)
Casey McCartney
from Indianapolis, IN
Signed on: Tue Jun 1 15:43:11 2010
Good to hear your opinion and read your blog on Thanks for the advice! 
Comment: You are welcome, Casey! ;-)
DOCTOR-Z/is my name Signed on: Tue Jun 1 15:43:48 2010
Comment: Thanks. Maybe... :-)
KabirSigned on: Sat May 29 18:11:32 2010
Hi Natalia, 
I like the Create a Caption contests that you have started. It would be interesting if you could mention which caption out of all those which have been submitted you like the best, for each of the contests (let's say about 5 or 6 days after posting each photo).
Comment: Nice idea, although I am not an expert in humor. Anyone can read the comments and decide for him/herself which ones are the most witty ;-)
Pavlik Yakovlev
from USA, MN
Signed on: Sat May 29 12:40:18 2010
Very nice and interesting website. It is always good to know that there is a beautiful Russian girl out there who enjoys and plays chess. Would like to know how you got started playing chess and how you got to GM level.
Comment: Thanks a lot, Pavel. This is a long story since I started at 5. Maybe one day I will write a book about it... ;-)
Edgar Garcia Valades
from cd.juarez
Signed on: Thu May 27 04:22:17 2010
esta chida el reto que pusiates y es admirable tu puesto.
Carl Brecht
from Edmonds, Washington U.S.A.
Signed on: Tue May 18 18:37:21 2010
Nice site, that will grow every day. I am looking forward to playing chess again. I speak both English and German.
Comment: Thank you, Carl! is indeed getting more and more popular, and we will try to keep improving it at the same rate! ;-)
from Ireland
Signed on: Mon May 17 19:56:55 2010
I was just looking up Mikhail Tal and found youre site.Wow im more interested in the art of chess not the numbers.As characters in Southpark would say "nice". :sigh
Comment: Haha, well-said :-)
SoarerSigned on: Thu May 13 16:00:28 2010
А почему в результатах голосования не отображается, что я выиграл миллион долларов в шахматы?
Comment: Должно отображаться, никто опрос не редактировал! ;-) 
И давно это было?
Ray Rodriguez
from El Paso, Texas, EEUU
Signed on: Thu May 13 00:51:08 2010
I enjoyed visiting your home page. :)
Comment: Thanks! :-)
MarkSigned on: Wed May 5 23:53:15 2010
Lets go on a date. You are easy on the eyes. And your brain is huge.
Comment: I haven't had my brain checked by a psysician to find out its size. Besides, I'm happily married already. :-)
михаилSigned on: Mon May 3 15:20:06 2010
я зарегистрирован.а как я могу вызвать кого-нибудь или кто-то захочет вызвать меня.с уважением михаил
Comment: Там же справа список игроков онлайн есть! :-) 
Вы точно зашли в саму игру после регистрации?
mirinSigned on: Sun May 2 11:34:22 2010
как играть с посетителями сайта.почему нет графы помощь.нет никаких объяснений к графе играть в шахматы. с уважением МIRIN
Comment: Зайти в раздел "Играть в шахматы", подождать, пока загрузится апплет (если медленный интернет), зарегистрироваться (занимает 10 секунд), и можно играть.