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Who is your favorite active top player?

Poker or chess: what do you like more?

What's the largest monetary chess prize you ever won?

How much time per day do you spend on chess-related activities?

Do you have a special chess mascot (pen, badge, toy, etc.)?

Which time control do you prefer for over-the-board tournaments?

The strongest women's chess team in the world is

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Will Magnus Carlsen's rating reach FIDE 2900?

Do you think you can become a GM?

There are 410 entries in the guestbook.
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Claudio Almada
from Pilar, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Signed on: Thu Oct 28 02:00:53 2010
Sta.Natalia Pogonina 
I admire greetings from Argentina coming soon to my country. 
VadiviSigned on: Thu Oct 28 01:59:49 2010
Cool! Your site the best!
Comment: Thanks! :)
Emanuele Marelli
from Roma Italy
Signed on: Thu Oct 21 11:00:59 2010
Thak you for the website, Natalia! you're rellay the best!
EmanueleSigned on: Thu Oct 21 10:58:16 2010
Thank you, Natalia, for your great website, for your great games....and for your ...existence!! :) :grin 8) :eek
ZoliSigned on: Thu Oct 21 06:23:36 2010
Привет Наталия! 
В Вас на любительских соревнованиях, как принятый шахматисты женского пола и в случае как этот, если они выигрывают это, неприятно для мужчин тогда в стороне?  
Был подобный случай в нас когда  
Анна Рудольф, я думаю о матчах названия, уверенного, что Вы слышали это? то, что они оказались хорошо, это попыталось быть дискредитированным, и это обвинялось в мошенничестве
Joel Johnson
from Phoenix, AZ USA
Signed on: Sat Oct 16 17:46:16 2010
Great website! Good luck with all you future goals!
Comment: Thanks, Joel!
Giulio BertazzoliSigned on: Fri Oct 8 11:36:08 2010
Dear Nataljia, 
I'm a club player (elo 1870) that laboriously try to improve his chess skill. I study on books and I play non competitive games and only 2/3 tournaments per year. I would like to have your opinion about what kind of preparation I can follow considering that I can devote only 4/6 hours per week. In Italy is also difficult to find good teachers available for no time Managers (as I am). 
A fan of all the russian players, 
Comment: It's a serious problem, actually. Peter is going to publish an article on this soon - check out
AlessandroSigned on: Wed Oct 6 03:28:42 2010
Greetings from Italy! 
You're the best!
Comment: Thank you!
laith ahmed
from jordan amman
Signed on: Mon Oct 4 18:22:18 2010
i wished that you will not marry anyone exept me er ever  
love you
Hans Hildebrand
from Conway,NH-USA
Signed on: Wed Oct 6 03:27:54 2010
8) Nice site Natalia-Thanks
Comment: Thanks ;)
KroneSigned on: Wed Sep 29 00:44:45 2010
Well! I am quite in the hot age between 18-24 where there are many distractions here and there and I strongly feel that having the title is lovely. Chess seems to be a salvation rather than a game.
Comment: Playing chess is lovely, titles come along...
rafael bueno (Cat-Lo
from USA
Signed on: Wed Sep 29 00:46:43 2010
In order to continue playing in your website I need someone fix this:I won my last game against Angel and I lose 14 points! I had 1793 before the game and my elo is suppose to be 1800 at this time
Comment: Just e-mail the playzone admin, I am sure he will deal with this. Also, don't take online ratings too seriously. ;-)
Percy D
from Los Angeles, CA
Signed on: Wed Sep 29 00:45:40 2010
I discovered Ms Pogonina on I am always intrigued when I see women involved in chess. I have to daughters that I tried getting into chess. They were not interested. It is a pleasure knowing Ms Pogonina.
Comment: Thanks! Not all girls enjoy playing chess, that's true...
Terry Ritschard
from Colorado,USA
Signed on: Thu Sep 23 18:04:46 2010
Thankyou for your tweets and good luck to you and your team 
Best Wishes 
Comment: Thanks!
from 107
Signed on: Thu Sep 23 18:03:27 2010
Hi Natalia, I am losing a little bit of chess interest. I met some 2050 fide rated players in my state and I beat them though I don't have fide rating. I play e4 like you do. 
The thing is how to become a pro in chess? I play in with bullet rating above 2000 with krone as my handle and i would like to get some ideas on how to use rybka/fritz12 like a grandmaster. Anyway thanks!God bless you n your family!
Comment: Why would one want suddenly to become a chess pro? Are you sure about it? How old are you? :)