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What should Natalia do to make more interesting for you?

Who is your favorite active top player?

Poker or chess: what do you like more?

What's the largest monetary chess prize you ever won?

How much time per day do you spend on chess-related activities?

Do you have a special chess mascot (pen, badge, toy, etc.)?

Which time control do you prefer for over-the-board tournaments?

The strongest women's chess team in the world is

What is the strongest national chess team in the world?

Will Magnus Carlsen's rating reach FIDE 2900?

Do you think you can become a GM?

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J. ClarkeSigned on: Fri May 6 01:33:24 2016
For now, i dont have a message to say, and i only say : hello.
from Denmark
Signed on: Wed Mar 9 08:50:41 2016
Nice homepage - best of luck with your chess career, Natalia. 
Comment: Thank you!
from U.S.A
Signed on: Thu Jun 4 21:26:23 2015
Great site! Btw, Check out song 
'the robot' by nikita's flame. A robot really sings!!! Listen here => 
Signed on: Mon Mar 30 12:32:54 2015
, !  
. - ?)
from twer
Signed on: Mon Feb 23 09:30:33 2015
cool! :grin

Signed on: Wed Aug 20 00:09:04 2014
tatilSigned on: Sun May 11 21:03:54 2014
WOW natalia
Lutz Neweklowsky
from Karlsruhe , Germany
Signed on: Tue Mar 4 10:31:00 2014
Hallo Natalia , 
have a nice weekend 8) and the best wishes for you :)  
perhaps 29 is better than 92 :roll  
Comment: Thanks Lutz! :)
Amlandeep Bhattachar
from Kolkata, India
Signed on: Fri Dec 20 01:00:54 2013
Well Chess champs like Natalia are true assets for the sports. They add glamor to the otherwise dull and boring mathematical calculations of chess. Chess needs characters like her to popularize it in the new millennium. Hats of Natalia.
steven christopher m
from virginia beach,virginia,u.s.a.
Signed on: Wed Dec 11 06:43:55 2013
hi Natalia Pogonina, 
THANK YOU for all you do to help promote chess. 
your friend, 
steve meier 
"mevenstein" on 
Comment: Thanks Steve! :P
from England
Signed on: Wed Nov 13 03:16:51 2013
Here is a nice article to your husband about chess! :-) 
All the best,
Comment: Thanks John, that's an interesting outsider's perspective!
from Germany
Signed on: Wed Oct 16 21:22:36 2013
Dear Natalia, the question "Whom would you prefer to be FIDE-president" in your poll would be so much easier to answer, if the choice would be a) Ilyumzhinov b) Kasparov c) Pogonina :grin
Comment: Thanks :D
David Powell
from Southport UK
Signed on: Sun Aug 18 17:15:59 2013
Great chess coverage from a gorgeous lady.
Comment: :hugs
from England
Signed on: Sun Aug 18 17:15:28 2013
Hello Natalia, I just found your link to here from your profile on,through a new team I joined this morning. 
It is great having players like you to follow and hopefully learn from. 
This is also a great web-site and happy to have found it.
Comment: Thanks Michael! Glad to meet you at
from pk
Signed on: Tue Jul 9 20:49:29 2013
is there a way to play "turn based" game through your website ???
Comment: No, sorry, there is no correspondence chess at