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Poker or chess: what do you like more?

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How much time per day do you spend on chess-related activities?

Do you have a special chess mascot (pen, badge, toy, etc.)?

Which time control do you prefer for over-the-board tournaments?

The strongest women's chess team in the world is

What is the strongest national chess team in the world?

Will Magnus Carlsen's rating reach FIDE 2900?

Do you think you can become a GM?

There are 415 entries in the guestbook.
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from Edmonton,Alberta,Canada
Signed on: Sun May 24 07:26:56 2009
Hi Natalia,you asked for the URL of the Yahoo Group devoted to Women's chess.  
To join it, first you go here:, 
then if you do not have a yahoo id you need to go here and think of an ID: 
after your account is created I believe you have to confirm it in an email you will receive from yahoo. Lastly you need to go to the Judit Polgar group which is here: and click on the "join this group button, which is above Judit's picture on the right. I am no longer a member of the group because I couldn't get anyone else to talk in the group about Women's chess (you will see how many messages I posted there too *sigh*).Maybe if you join and you tell the people in the group who you are there might be more participation among members. 
Best wishes to you Natalia congratulations on going over 2500 elo!! Well done!! :grin
Comment: Thanks, Wayne! Your nick there must have been gentlemanfromalberta, right? :-) Unfortunately, I don't have the time to bring this group to life myself, but if you re-enter it (or ask the current admin) and gather questions from its members, I could prepare an exclusive interview for this group. ;-)
Frank Landells
from Nova Scotia Canada
Signed on: Sun May 24 18:23:15 2009
I like the site very much, green is my favourite colour. 
Chess is also my favourite game but I will never be able to play like you! I hope you have much success and fun in the future. 
Comment: Thank you, Frank! Never say "never" :).
from canada
Signed on: Sat May 23 14:06:01 2009
Your pretty!
from Ottawa, Canada
Signed on: Fri May 22 15:39:51 2009
Trиs ravissante et qui joue aux йchecs par surplus! Wow! 
Bonne chance dans ta carriиre! 
ЧигоринецSigned on: Fri May 22 08:58:07 2009
Мое почтение, Наташа! 
Кто Ваш первый тренер и поддерживаете ли сейчас отношения?
Comment: Спасибо за вопрос. На сайте как раз сейчас добавляем информацию по нему. Мой первый тренер - Ганькин Леонид Иванович. Он живет на Камчатке. Периодически с ним созваниваемся.
ЕгорSigned on: Wed May 20 15:30:44 2009
Вы играете на ICC на playchess или на других серверах?
Comment: Я играю в основном на ICC, но иногда и на playchess.
phiseySigned on: Tue May 19 19:21:53 2009
Играете ли вы, Наталья, трехминутки на портале Шахматная планета?
Comment: Раньше играла, сейчас нет. Зато там часто встречаются мои "двойники", выдающие себя за Погонину и распространяющие про меня ложную информацию.
Евгений Б.Signed on: Tue May 19 18:42:51 2009
Посмотрел сайт, сделано интересно, но в Opera просматривать невозможно - очень колечатся шрифты(. Буквы налезают друг на друга на фотографии, и.т.д. Ну и конечно сильно смущает, что содержание сайта не занимает весь дисплей, а выгладит как тонкая полоска(на широком дисплее)(как printscreen), что есть плохой стиль дизайна сайта. Сделайте что-нибудь
Comment: Спасибо за совет, Евгений, попытаемся исправить.
from Edmonton,Alberta,Canada
Signed on: Mon May 18 20:20:55 2009
Hi Natalia, I have followed your chess career for a long time, first as a member of a Yahoo group devoted to Women's Chess and now at my own blog. I wish you the best in your chess and law careers,and in your personal life You are a great role model for girls and women!
Comment: Thanks for your kind words, Wayne! Btw, what is the URL of the group on Yahoo?
from Украина
Signed on: Tue May 19 08:44:09 2009
Наташа, Ваш сайт по своей красоте уступает только Вашей красоте! Из биографии я понял, что Вы не замужем? Есть ли кандидат на руку и сердце? В любом случае желаю Вам огромного личного счастья в этой жизни!
Comment: Спасибо большое, Александр! Очень приятно :). Кандидат на руку и сердце есть :)
from Germany
Signed on: Sun May 17 10:51:15 2009
Hi Natalia! 
I just found your nice Website here. May it's a little bit late but nevertheless: 
Congratulation for breaking the 2500 ELO-Point-Barrier. :)
Comment: Thanks!
ГеннадийSigned on: Sun May 17 10:48:42 2009
Наташа, извините за нескромный вопрос, как вы относитесь к сексу после первого свидания?
Comment: Это личное дело каждого. Я отношусь к этому отрицательно.
from Nethetlands
Signed on: Mon May 11 16:51:57 2009
I didn't meet you in Dresden, unfortunately... 
I wish i did. Nice site , all the best from Holland.
Comment: Thank you! Life is long enough - there will be another chance! :-)
SujathaSigned on: Mon May 11 08:36:27 2009
Nice website. Keep it up! 
Have a wonderful chess career. Keep enjoying the game. 
Comment: Thank you, Sujatha! Good luck to you too!
from singpore
Signed on: Mon May 11 08:34:53 2009
thanks for this beautiful chess site. i haven't ever seen a chess web in such a "greenies" design. fantastic.
Comment: Thanks! I just love nature and fantasy (e.g. about elves), thus the choice of the design theme. :-)