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What should Natalia do to make more interesting for you?

Who is your favorite active top player?

Poker or chess: what do you like more?

What's the largest monetary chess prize you ever won?

How much time per day do you spend on chess-related activities?

Do you have a special chess mascot (pen, badge, toy, etc.)?

Which time control do you prefer for over-the-board tournaments?

The strongest women's chess team in the world is

What is the strongest national chess team in the world?

Will Magnus Carlsen's rating reach FIDE 2900?

Do you think you can become a GM?

There are 415 entries in the guestbook.
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KroneSigned on: Wed Sep 29 00:44:45 2010
Well! I am quite in the hot age between 18-24 where there are many distractions here and there and I strongly feel that having the title is lovely. Chess seems to be a salvation rather than a game.
Comment: Playing chess is lovely, titles come along...
rafael bueno (Cat-Lo
from USA
Signed on: Wed Sep 29 00:46:43 2010
In order to continue playing in your website I need someone fix this:I won my last game against Angel and I lose 14 points! I had 1793 before the game and my elo is suppose to be 1800 at this time
Comment: Just e-mail the playzone admin, I am sure he will deal with this. Also, don't take online ratings too seriously. ;-)
Percy D
from Los Angeles, CA
Signed on: Wed Sep 29 00:45:40 2010
I discovered Ms Pogonina on I am always intrigued when I see women involved in chess. I have to daughters that I tried getting into chess. They were not interested. It is a pleasure knowing Ms Pogonina.
Comment: Thanks! Not all girls enjoy playing chess, that's true...
Terry Ritschard
from Colorado,USA
Signed on: Thu Sep 23 18:04:46 2010
Thankyou for your tweets and good luck to you and your team 
Best Wishes 
Comment: Thanks!
from 107
Signed on: Thu Sep 23 18:03:27 2010
Hi Natalia, I am losing a little bit of chess interest. I met some 2050 fide rated players in my state and I beat them though I don't have fide rating. I play e4 like you do. 
The thing is how to become a pro in chess? I play in with bullet rating above 2000 with krone as my handle and i would like to get some ideas on how to use rybka/fritz12 like a grandmaster. Anyway thanks!God bless you n your family!
Comment: Why would one want suddenly to become a chess pro? Are you sure about it? How old are you? :)
from India
Signed on: Mon Sep 20 20:57:54 2010
Hi Natalia, 
You seem to be a very modest and unassuming person. I have read many of your articles at and found them very interesting. I wish you all the best and hope one day you will be world champion.  
Comment: Thanks a lot & all the best to you too!
Alan Laverty
from Austin, Texas, USA
Signed on: Fri Sep 17 11:01:03 2010
I've been playing in local chess tournaments for more than forty years. Computers have changed the game dramatically, because kids now become much stronger much faster than in the old days.
Comment: True...
alaverty@onr.comWhat is an ICQ?
from Татарстан
Signed on: Fri Sep 10 20:06:44 2010
Что красивую девушку заставило стать умной?
Comment: Жизнь и не такое учудит :)
from Израиль Нетания
Signed on: Thu Sep 9 14:41:37 2010
Наталья,Вы очень хорошая,корректная женщина. И очень сильно и красиво играете в шахматы.У меня к Вам просьба! Удалите сообщение Максимова Андрея, так как он несёт обсолютную клевету и чушь в мой адрес.
from Malaysia
Signed on: Fri Sep 10 20:05:05 2010
Hi.. Nice to meet you.. I do LOVE Chess to.. Good luck ya.. ;-)
Comment: Nice to meet you too! :)
from baku
Signed on: Fri Sep 3 04:49:49 2010
привет наталья.вы очень красивая.я любитель по шахматам.как вы думаете кто силнее крамник топалов или ананд?
Comment: Спасибо! Думаю, зависит от формата соревнования и мотивации участников. Если же брать только их троих, то 1.Ананд (так как он победил обоих в матче) 2.Крамник (успешная игра против Топалова) 3. Топалов
Terry Ritschard
from us
Signed on: Mon Aug 30 03:05:58 2010
Lady GM Natalia 
First of all It is an honor and a pleasure to receive your tweets, twas how I found your wonderful website here. Congratulations on your wedding, best wishes and happiness to you both.  
Your site is wonderful and unique, I recently started a Chess site and Feature Grandmasters, if you are interested please let me know. Thank you again 
To your continued success 
Comment: Thanks, Terry! All the best to you and your website!
yakmanusa@gmail.comhttp://www.webchessblog.tritschard.comSkype: tritschcard
Максимов АндрейSigned on: Fri Aug 27 00:44:55 2010
Наталья, здравствуйте. Хочу задать Вам два жизненных вопроса. 1) Скажите, как Вы относитесь к поклонникам Вашего не шахматного таланта, а женского обаяния? Ведь, наверняка, для Вас не секрет, что большинство воздыхателей которые пишут Вам восхищенны речи в Вас влюблены, а в шахматном плане почти дилетанты. 2) Чувствуете ли Вы вину, за страдания людей, которым Вы разбили сердце? Ведь после того, как Вы вышли замуж у некоторых начались необратимые последствия. Например Юрий Волков тронулся умом, есть и еще примеры. Как Вы считаете, должна ли женщина нести ответственность за такие последствия? 
Заранее спасибо за ответы.
Comment: Андрей, отношусь к поклонникам хорошо, если они ведут себя адекватно. :) Люди сами несут ответственность за свои чувства, о какой вине тут можно говорить?
Andy Sacks
from Los Angeles area, California
Signed on: Mon Aug 9 12:32:32 2010
Pleasure to discover this site.
Comment: Thanks, Andy!
ajsacks@earthlink.net2275 USCF
from Australia
Signed on: Fri Aug 6 10:47:30 2010
Hi Natalia, 
I have been playing chess since I was 5 years old. I used to compete during my teens by travelling around N.S.W and playing at various chess clubs and tournaments in the 70's. The best result I achieved was two consecutive draws against the current N.S.W chess champion at the time. Regrettably, I gave up chess at about an age of 18 years due to personal relationships. I restarted playing chess via correspondence on some chess sites about 5 years ago at an age of 42. I noticed that I certainly lost a lot of edge in my play but over the last 5 years have managed to re-establish some form that resembled my strength from my youth. I feel that a lot of players now maybe using chess software to assist their games and I am at a stage where it is frustrating me that I have to use some anti-computer techniques. This is now becoming less effective with stronger software and I am now considering giving up playing this great game because I am sick of facing unknown faces that all seem to play at grand master level. What are views on this? By the way, my favourite players of all time were Rubinstein and Karpov; in fact I have tried to model my game on Karpov since my youth. I have found that not only was he the greatest chess player in my mind but a great human being as well. Anyway, I would not mind a reply from you when you have the time regarding this message and your overall views on the game today. It is great to see so many strong women players that promote the game of chess with class. 
Kind regards Johnny.
Comment: Hi Johnny, that indeed can be irritating. You may check out though for correspondence chess. The prevailing majority of the people seem to be playing fair there. Actually, advanced chess also has its advantages, but I understand that not everyone is interested in it. 
As to "views on the game today" - nowadays it's more competitive, challenging and professional. One can't just rely on inspiration and talent to create great games, thorough preparation is required.